Is Iran a happy country?

Is Iran a happy country?

Iran achieves a Happy Planet Index Score of 24.0 and ranks 84th of all the countries analysed.

Does Iran have good education?

According to UNESCO world survey, Iran has the highest female to male ratio at primary level of enrollment in the world among sovereign nations, with a girl to boy ratio of 1.22 : 1.00. Each year, 20% of government spending and 5% of GDP goes to education, a higher rate than most other developing countries.

What is the rank of Iran?


Who lives in Iran?

The majority of the population of Iran (approximately 67–80%) consists of Iranic peoples. The largest groups in this category include Persians (who form the majority of the Iranian population) and Kurds, with smaller communities including Gilakis, Mazandaranis, Lurs, Tats, Talysh, and Baloch.

What is the main language spoken in Iran today?


What is the main language spoken in Iran today *?

Where is Iran language?

Languages of Iran
Official Persian
Main Persian 53%, Azerbaijani and other Turkic dialects 18% (e.g Khalaj, Qashqai, Turkmen), Kurdish 10%, Gilaki and Mazandarani 7%, Luri 6%, Arabic 2%, Balochi 2%, and other languages (Tati, Talysh, Armenian, Georgian, Neo-Aramaic, Circassian) 1%

Is Hebrew spoken in Iran?

Judeo-Persian refers to both a group of Jewish dialects spoken by the Jews living in Iran and Judeo-Persian texts (written in Hebrew alphabet).

What is the language of Tehran?

What religion is in Iran?

Shi’i Islam

What country speaks Swahili?

It’s a national language in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, and an official language of the East African Community which comprises Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan. Its use is spreading to southern, western and northern Africa.