Is Sandy pregnant at the end of Grease?

Is Sandy pregnant at the end of Grease?

Although Rizzo ends up not being pregnant, the fear forces her character to grow and become more vulnerable from the experience, culminating in Stockard Channing’s heartbreaking performance of “There Are Worst Things I Could Do.” By the end of Grease, Rizzo’s relief that she isn’t pregnant helps her realize the …

Why is Frenchy in Grease 2?

The character was written out during filming, and she was told halfway through that she was no longer needed. The filmmakers ultimately decided to include Frenchy in the final cut, though they had limited footage. Conn described the filming process as “rushed, frantic, and unorganized.”

Who is Frenchy’s boyfriend in Grease?


Who were the twins in Grease 2?

Stacie & Gracie (also named Noreen and Doreen on Wikipedia) are characters from the 1982 movie Grease 2.

Are Danny and Sandy in Grease 2?

Of the people to make cameos, lovebirds Danny and Sandy were nowhere to be found in Grease 2. The film had the same producers Robert Stigwood and Allan Carr and was directed by the choreographer from the first film, Patricia Birch.

How old is Olivia grease?


How old is Maxwell Caulfield?

61 years (November 23, 1959)

Who is Juliet Mills husband?

Michael Miklendam. 1975–1980

How old is Hayley Mills?

75 years (April 18, 1946)

Is Juliet Mills older than her husband?

In a separate interview with SundayPost, Maxwell said that having an 18-year age difference between him and Juliet didn’t negatively impact their relationship and marriage. Juliet is nearly two decades older than her husband but her maturity was one of the things that ensured their marriage survived.

How old is Juliet Mills now?

79 years (November 21, 1941)

Who is Juliet Mills sister?

Hayley Mills

How old is Juliet Mills husband?

Now, having celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary last year, Juliet, 77, and Maxwell, 59, are treading the boards together again, touring the UK in an adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1938 thriller The Lady Vanishes, which starred Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave.

Who did Hayley Mills marry?

Roy Boultingm. 1971–1977

Who is Max Caulfield married to?

Juliet Mills

What is Hayley Mills doing now?

Now 69, she lives in London and has two sons, Kula Shaker frontman Crispian Mills, from her marriage to director Roy Bouling, and Jason Lawson, with ex-partner, actor Leigh Lawson. “Looking back, it was inevitable I was going to act.