Is sunk a real word?

Is sunk a real word?

Sank and sunk are two past tense conjugations of the same verb, so it is only natural that many writers get them confused. Sank is the simple past tense form. Sunk is the past participle form.

What does stank mean?

informal : a strong offensive odor : stink, stench Now, think about your yoga mat. … For a dog, it is a smelly, hormone-drenched B.O. sponge. And, because they love you, they love your stank.—

Could they have stopped the Titanic from sinking?

3. The ship’s watertight bulkheads could have been extended and fully sealed to reduce the risk of flooding. Titanic was constructed with transverse bulkheads (i.e. walls) to divide the ship into 16 watertight compartments, which could be sealed off with doors operated either manually or remotely from the bridge.

Did the Titanic have watertight doors?

Titanic was fitted with twelve automatic closing watertight doors on its tank top level. Electrically, from the bridge, by hand, from the deck at the top of the bulkheads; by hand, adjacent to the doors, and by a float under the floors.”ii Via the bridge, there was no way to work the doors independently of one another.

Why did the Titanic break in half?

The titanic split in half because when the iceberg hit it, water came in. This led to the Titanic “torpedo”ing into the ocean. The front of the ship went down and pulled the tail end into the air. Since the ship was so heavy, the back half of the ship broke off and fell back down to the ocean.

Why did the watertight compartments not stop the Titanic from sinking?

The Titanic had 16 watertight compartments, and the ship could stay afloat with up to four of these compartments flooded. Bulkheads, watertight walls in the compartments meant to keep water from flooding the rest of the ship, were not tall enough to contain the water in the damaged compartments.

Was the Titanic poorly built?

THE Titanic sank because it was badly built, a scientist has claimed. Second-rate rivets that held the hull together were to blame for sending the legendary ship to the bottom of the Atlantic 100 years ago next month.