Is there really gold in the Superstition Mountains?

Is there really gold in the Superstition Mountains?

Legend has it that in about the 1870s a German miner named Jacob Waltz found gold in the Superstition Mountains — recovered some, and then hid the mine. Today, he says, those mines are buried deep within the mountains and practically impossible to find.

How much gold is in the Lost Dutchman Mine?

Well, the Dutchman’s gold ore that made that matchbook case assayed out to 50 ounces per ton.” The Lost Dutchman legend also has a link to wealthy Mexican cattle ranchers of the 1800s, the Peralta family from Sonora, who supposedly dug many gold treasures out of the Superstitions.

Was the Lost Dutchman gold ever found?

There May Be a Long-Lost Gold Mine in the Arizona Mountains. For more than a century, adventurous souls have sought the Lost Dutchman Mine, and since 1891, more than a hundred people have claimed to find it. But the mine remains shrouded in mystery, so much so that it might not exist at all.

Has Jesse Capen been found?

The remains found in late November in the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix have been identified as those of Jesse Capen, “the gentle giant” who’d worked as a night bellman at the downtown Sheraton for almost a dozen years, all the while dreaming of searching for the Lost Dutchman.

Who Found the Lost Dutchman’s Mine?

Jacob Waltz

Who owns the Superstition Mountains?

Superstition Mountains

Superstition Wilderness
Coordinates 33°28′41″N 111°14′20″WCoordinates: 33°28′41″N 111°14′20″W
Area 159,757 acres (64,651 ha)
Established 1939
Governing body United States Forest Service

How much is the Lost Dutchman mine worth?

As the legend grew, so did the size of the fortune. Monagan wrote that some valued the mine at $40 million. Stories vary on how Waltz found this hidden treasure. But he was soon known as the Lost Dutchman.

What is the Dutchman’s curse?

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Why is it called the Flying Dutchman?

Honus Wagner was nicknamed “The Flying Dutchman” due to his superb speed and German heritage.

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