Justin Bieber “Journals”

Prejudices have with us all – we will not deny. And to be honest, I’d in my life, I did not listen to the album Justin Bieber, if not informational involvement in the world of music, because: a) work b) professional curiosity) of this blog.

Today it started with tape on FB that said that comrade is snivel Bieber was arrested for driving under the influence in the absence of current driver’s license. Released on bail.

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And then I got the big question – what is stump slobbering performer of the song “Baby” decided to afford such a pretzel? I went online and saw that in recent months his house has managed to carry out a search and found a few cans of cookies with marijuana. But then let’s put your hand on your heart – the boy is 19 years old. If someone will tell me that at the age of 19 he sat for the books 14 hours a day and the others slept, I pity you. But there is clearly the guy thinks he’s really cool.

I’m downloading the new album “Journals” on iTunes 2nd of January. And I have to admit the inevitable, but he’s… good. Slightly unexpected style – R’n’b old school a decade ago. TLC, Usher, R. Kelly, Nelly remember all this boom from the early 2000s. The whole album is one big nostalgia for the measured sound, languid bass and the deliberateness of musical storytelling, framed by today’s technical possibilities and going completely against the modern race for the dance hit. Very interesting, WHOSE is the nostalgia – maybe the most of a mentor usher?.. Maybe that’s why the album is so far a financial failure – Belieber’s not appreciated the sharp rise in the growth of their idol. Although management of the singer has done everything to prepare fans of school of pop for such a turn – or rather, started the project #musicmonday, in which 10 weeks before Christmas every Monday produced one new song.

But… while the basic charts and the sales figures a deaf ear to the efforts of team Bieber. Maybe in the end I decided to use the example of Miley and pre-run remove the card cash deposits to the prison? Critics were divided – who writes that it is a failed album, who says that this is the best of what you have done Justin.

But who would not say, vocal Bieber lost R’n’b style is very good and really organically, like she always was. Helped him not the least guys – R. Kelly, Lil Wayne, Future, Big Sean.

Get in contact to 14-year-old brother van and, again, surprise – it has new songs from “Journals” in the recordings… Then I remember what he first said, “Look, it’s cool.” Vanya Drobysh, from childhood chopping on the drums all resting-metallurgy I zoomed in to have it turned off to squeak in the teeth of the annoying Bring Me The Horizon, said he is now in love with Bieber! Stereotypes do not last long…

What I want to say in the end – though I never was a fan of R’n’b style, but the quality may be assessed in an objective manner. You need to hear this, not because it is one hundred percent will crash on your iPod, but just because it’s interesting. Well, if you’re stuck in the prism of the “I hate Bieber, so he did,” to include the album makes no sense. Better take the time to cockroaches, as in that joke – give them a pencil, let them draw.

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