Katy Perry “Prism”

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Now is a curious time when many “big” plates are absolutely impossible to say in what she design. The most intuitive example is the same Rihanna. Even if the artist started with a very ordinary pop music, then perched in the dense star cash cushion, Zaim experience with the most gifted modern producers (and you don’t feed yourself with illusions that the world of pop music is created by a team of Amateurs, right?) he begins to experiment. After all, if musical taste and hearing, with the right environment and supportive circumstances, the only thing that remains to them to develop. Obviously, Katy Perry “et thing” happened. Girlfriends girl behind, Oh, do not like.

But instead of going on the beaten track of the harrowing drive and dumped for everyone to see powdered and sprinkled with a dark green. inside going to Russell Brandon, a young divorcee has collected in a fist will, thoughts and broken heart, and stuck in the Studio for experiments on myself. Moreover, this time, Katie and I, and took part in the producing of his tracks, which is the formal cause of curiosity – so the artist gets the opportunity to open up completely. We, as they say in advertising, actually have a unique chance to see behind the facade of the Breasts and candy doll eyelashes, Ms. Perry and to understand what she was actually like, what interests her, what’s eating.

Usually feature singer – killer hits written by monsters musical mainstream, with clear lyrics and wonderful, but honestly, with repetitive arrangements. “Prism” hits too, though the biggest muscle on the body eat, but they are seasoned fans, house beats and other unexpected twists of musical line. Even tell just will not, in this case, how to tell the end of the movie in the beginning.

I love Katy Perry’s vocals on the album, although every I saw her live performance, little disappointed in terms of technology. But 16 tracks is a lot of work. Of course, as usual, and not like, somewhere slightly bored, but spend your time on the disk is. At least, not to be outdone – 1 single “Roar,” vengeance is hanging on the first places of the charts. Guess next?

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