Miley Cyrus and her antics

In recent years around the person Miley Cyrus has raised a real fuss. A storm of criticism fell upon the young singer right after her candid dancing in a body latex suit for the MTV VMA awards. Why Thong Lady Gaga went unpunished – unknown to science. Little Miley as long and tirelessly proves to all that she grew up.

But apparently deciding that the public has not yet grown to such profound understanding of reality, the singer staged on the stage of a strip and stuck out her tongue have to Shine pants a confused Robin Thicke its half-naked backside.

Scolded her relentlessly everyone who has at least some access to social networks. But here’s the thing – instead of covered with spots of shame, Miley immediately put the record in the music industry. Her new video Wrecking Ball is really tearing up the online space. In just 2(!) the day it was viewed 44 million times! Such quick results are not achieved, even the recognized monsters of social networks Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, who just a couple of days ago, struggled among themselves for leadership of new singles.

So the former record holder Rihanna needlessly contorted his beautiful face on the trick of Miley on the proverbial prize.

This interest in the new video for the first time, but it’s hard not to notice one thing – he was thoroughly prepared. The title of the hottest star of the year according to Maxim magazine, and numerous shooting half-naked and in the Nude, break off the engagement with Liam Hemsworth, and the choice of the scandalous Terry Richardson as a Director of the new video – everything is clear. The image of the “bad” Miley played, as the notes. And gives the young star to something and achieve all of the musicians in popularity. What clearly hinted and father of Miley, calling all the ongoing circus. I wish one thing that in such an efficient PR nobody sees that boring Hannah Montana, which previously could be interested in is that children of the age category 6+, made a really good song. And if you include the Wrecking Ball, to turn away and not look at the relief, the young figure and omnipresent, licking everything, Miley language, you can even think about something deeply personal.