Most delightful albums Part 1

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The last year has accustomed us to the fact that the actors made it a rule to release albums suddenly, without warning, and announcements. For this reason bad some joked in his Twitter, the authors of the Internet portal FatNecks: “2025: the main sensation was the album on the release date of which was known in ADVANCE.” Here we are spoiled in 2013 by a sudden rainfall of manna from heaven, waiting for 2014 even more of this musical manna from our idols. However, some of the releases we know in advance.

Warpaint — “Warpaint”

In our country gloomy girls with guitars always held in high esteem. Girl Quartet Warpaint, released the debut album “the Fool” three years ago, really loved by many Russians. Their anemic rock around the stopped clock sounds as if from a dream, where the properties of all items is changeable, nothing is true and everything is permitted. Beautiful melodies, thrilling polyphony, spacious, airy sound, unconventional rhythmic solutions — that’s the music offered us the girls at their first album. On the second, according to them, there will be a lot of acoustic guitars and percussion, and it will be “more than rock”. I want to believe, the debut single is very encouraging, though it sounds about the same as before.

Dum Dum Girls — Too True

From the mass of bands playing straightforward noise / lo-Fi rock, Dum Dum Girls — the most notable for many reasons. Their melodies cannot erase from his mind, they perfectly keep the balance between the abrasive texture and a pop content of their songs, and in General, take a look at them and immediately understand: girls are great, what you need. Their previous long play came out in 2011, since then a lot of things we’ve seen and heard, but they hit becomes a combustible rock still in our heart and leave it not going. On recording album girls inspired by the classic letter nick cave in 1996 with the rejection of the MTV awards in the category “Best performer of the year”. Looking forward to it, after all they are the best in its kind.

Limp Bizkit — “Stampede of the Disco Elephants”

They were idols of all adolescents in the first half of zero, then there was a long pause, they recently returned with a new album, with the first sounds of which was clear: Fred durst and company have not changed and water is still the same shameless testosterone rapcore. What they actually love (and not love for lyrical experiments in the spirit of “Results may vary” 2003, although, in our opinion, the album is good). Intriguing new album called “stampede of the disco elephants”, and Limp Bizkit recently revealed that they are in great shape when he paid a visit to Yekaterinburg and tore KRK Uralets: visited this concert still can’t move. So we wait, and there is nothing to be ashamed of — even if it is completely teenage music, but his inner teenager should not be forgotten.

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Xiu Xiu — “Angel Guts: Red Classroom”

Group “Shu Shu” tormented by hearing the fans for over a decade, with each album plunging ever deeper into the experimental depths. And what a talented torment! So and hard, on and off impossible. Because behind all this there are real emotions are powerful, destructive forces which are embodied by vocalist Jamie Stewart, one of the most colorful and controversial front men in the history of music. This time he promises that on the ninth album of his heartbreaking ensemble will include the following elements: interracial sex, double suicide, deep penetration, physical violence and death “Shu Shu”. All of this fits into the creative paradigm of Stuart. Musical inspirers were the giants of experimental music thought — “Suicide”, “Einsturzende Neubauten” and late Scott Walker. So we wait with bated breath.

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