Most delightful albums Part 2

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Marissa Nadler — “July”

The universe is never any shortage of folk artists. Who not only came up with the idea to pick up an acoustic guitar and pour out your thoughts and emotional experiences in the form of a quiet intimate songs! All this results in tons of quite the same type of music, when on hearing one artist with difficulty be distinguished from the other, and without exception, all the songs fit in order to let them in the background in any romance at the moment when the characters fell out, and spend time alone. After listening to tons of this music, we can confidently say that the American Marissa Nadler — the best girl on the planet is one of those that plays and sings folk, for brighter, purer and sadder to her songs not found in the whole world. To the later albums, it began to attract all sorts of organs, drums and other instruments, the sound became more panoramic, but the essence remained the same: its music, full of quiet, subtle beauty, is the music of rivers and hills, birds and fallen leaves. In short, the album can wait as worth it, especially that it was made by producer Randall Dunn, known for her work with fierce drone meatless Sun. The result should be interesting.

Beck — “Morning Phase”

Beck Hansen — a man of the Renaissance, which, like our urchin everywhere ripe: become a legend intelligent hip-hop-folk in the nineties and leader of indie rock, zero has produced a bunch of important artists, brought to the musical stage actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, wrote many soundtracks (for example, the final song from “Eternal Shine of pure reason”), issued the album in the form of musical notes… the List of acts is long — likely to be fertility have Scientology beliefs of the musician (the cult of success and all things). However, full albums Beck did not go five years, so we are really looking forward to his new product, he abstractly promised in February. As promised, the musician, the album will be ideological and stylistic sequel to “Sea Change” of 2002 — the most beautiful and diverse work.

Kanye West

The main rapper on the planet confirmed his title, recording a major album of 2013, according to the majority of music publications. We, though don’t want to go on about the views of the majority, but against the might LP “Yeezus” cannot go: it is absolutely outstanding recording, which are not only spectacular sunset commercial rapper in the dark territory of experimental electronics, but an exciting journey to the heart of darkness. Horandy statements and extravagant antics, West said that he was going to record a new album by summer 2014 — it’s hard to believe, because all his previous work, he painstakingly created for several years. But terribly interesting, whether Mr. West his promise and that he twists this time.

“The Horrors”

The “horrors” began in 2007 as another British dandies with their Gothic punk, two years later invented themselves again with a stunning, deep, shoegaze-work “Primary Colors”, even after two years it was reborn, hitting the blissful psychedelia. The fourth album they promised in 2013, but something went wrong, and the output of it was postponed to the even-numbered year. Given the tendency of the group to constantly change style and direction, I want to believe that the new LP will be as unexpected as all the previous ones. And still we remember the frenzy for them in the “Teleclub” in the spring of 2010 and are expecting again.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers

It’s hard to believe, but in the past year this group was 30 years old. For someone else, even half time would be a reason to settle down and go to work more calm and serious, but these guys still jumping like crazy and write very springy music on earth. Although age still makes itself felt: in the later albums more and more things of ballad type, and the latter recorded without legendary guitarist John Frusciante, and it was a disappointment to many fans. However, the new release still is worth waiting for — other “peppers,” we have, and, in General, happy that they can’t stop.

But Beck helps those who help themselves, so don’t believe those that promise a musicians looking for music themselves, hidden treasures are always more valuable than shiny to the whole world products. So help you Google.