Music artists, hiding their faces with masks

They will take the stage and will be at arm’s length from you. You will hear them live, but can hardly see their faces. All because these musicians throw all the forces to envelop his name a mystery, and prefer to act in masks.

One of such groups – Italian Duo freak-incognito orchestra The Cyborgs come with a concert on Russian soil. No, passwords, appearance known to us: the guests of the Apennines will perform on November 19 in the Center of culture “Ural”. However, their faces and real names cyborgs Zero and One to open will not. Your style they referred to as “electric-Boogie”, and this name is concentrated fit to indicate elements of rock-n-roll, Boogie-woogie and electronic music, is inherent in the creation of “Cyborgs”.

About the upcoming performances of the Italian demi-palmaris we decided to recall other famous groups, preferring not to show their faces during their performances.

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Daft Punk

French house Duo Daft Punk is widely known not only for its brilliant albums, a song which after the release will immediately receive the status of greatest hits, but it’s special attention to the use of visual components and the creation of scenic image. So famous engineers during their Homework years, wore over their faces the masks and prefer to refer to animation that would do almost the entire stage work for them. Later, since the album Discovery, with the musicians firmly fixed the image of the futuristic robots in the guise of which they give live concerts. Especially for them was designed the costumes, including elaborate helmets with lighting, and metal fingers. In these images they give alive concerts, star in photo shoots and even once appeared in an episode of “Tron: Legacy”, for which he wrote the soundtrack.

The Knife

Brother and sister from Stockholm, the role of Olof and Karin Dreier Andersson, acting part of the electronic Duo The Knife, when creating your stage image, in contrast to Daft Punk decided not to think too far into the future, and appealed to past experience. The choice of musicians fell on the plague doctor’s mask that hides the upper part of the face and protect the nose long stylized beak hood. Such masks in medieval and Renaissance Europe wore doctors curing the plague. It was believed that this disease is transmitted by airborne droplets, and the doctors were afraid to catch the deadly disease. Later The Knife was replaced by the “long noses” in big colorful masks completely hiding the face. According to the musicians themselves when the listener does not see the face of the performer, this allows him to see in the mind’s own illustrations, which greatly expands the possibilities of understanding music. In addition, the group is no stranger to feminist ideas.


Mask American nu-metal band Slipknot are not just a scenic attribute of the concert performances of the band and from album to album live with musicians own life. They are modified, become better musicians each time. Moreover, each of the band members has their own individual mask, revealing the personal ideas and expressing personal attitude to the imperfection of the surrounding world. In the Arsenal of musicians, who in different years played in Slipknot, a gas mask, diving helmet, protective hockey mask, and pig masks, Pinocchio, clown, jester and even a Japanese Kabuki mask. In recognition of singer Corey Taylor’s mask is the second essence of the band.


Legends of glam rock and shock rock band Kiss most of his long creative path hid their faces not classical masks, and original makeup in the best traditions of the genre. Like the mask of Slipknot, coloring pages of Kiss are all unique and have their own names: “Star child”, “Demon”, “Cosmolite”, “Man-cat”, “Fox” and “the Ankh Warrior”. While new members who have joined the group make-up was inherited from the previous one. There was, however, in the eighties period in the work of Kiss, when the musicians for a long time refused stage makeup and revealed their true face. But in the mid-nineties, after the reunification of the original lineup, the band returned to its classic look.


Never went on stage without their masks and costumes of monsters is one of the most well-known Finnish hard rock group Lordi, was established in 1992, but gained the greatest popularity after a sensational victory in the television singing contest “Eurovision” in 2006. Besides the fact that the musicians prefer to hide my own face from the audience, each of the band members has his own stage name: so in the current play leader and founder of the band, Mr. Lordi, and Amen, Ox, Hella and Mana. The external image of musicians complements the selected theme executable of horror movies, and the costumes are made of latex and hand-painted by Mr. Lordi. In this field have Lordi even have competitors in the face of GWAR frontman which die at an Urungus, aka David Brockie, calls Lordi’s “children’s version” of their group. We will not argue, let the monsters understand.

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Hollywood Undead

Originally the masks the participants in the rap-rock music band from Los Angeles Hollywood Undead were more primitive than now. In addition to the usual hockey and theatrical masks, some musicians hid the face of these exotic attributes, such as a paper bag from the restaurant Del Taco with slits for eyes. But then the mask is modernized, and replaced the package came, in particular, his mouth covering bandana and dark glasses. It should be noted, all masks have the so-called “vocal” version, more convenient for concerts. Now the band members are tired of constantly wear masks during live concerts, singing the first few songs are these to take off the mask. So just convenient to pour out all that a great number of vigorous recitative of the group. Well, in music videos, photo shoots and video interviews Hollywood Undead all remained the same and the mask did not disappear.

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