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In recent days our ears are hit by a huge amount of music. We picked 10 albums and wrote about them. Briefly, succinctly, clearly, strictly business.

Boris – Noise

Nice Japanese trio, known for their insane experiments in different areas of heavy music, recorded an album in which all of his creative search has led to a common denominator, and clothed in the form of quite a conventional pop songs. Not as cool and powerful as before, but for a first acquaintance with the band – perfect.

Linkin Park – “The Hunting Party”

Experiments with electronics left, but testosterone increased. Of course, to the masterpieces like “Hybrid Theory” and “Meteor” does not hold, although it’s only our old man’s grumbling – young this music just in time. Besides, the fans appreciated – and this is important.

Klaxons – “Love Frequency”

The new album “horns” cheerful, effervescent, dance, pop enough. Fans resent, but to us it was immediately clear that there is nothing better than the songs from shampoo advertising, they will not write, so no illusions, has cut an album and began to dance. Acid DJ, Hey!

Swans – “To Be Kind”

But these rugged American guys do not get tired to direct industrial roar, while their leader Michael Jira already 60. Their new album lasts two hours, consists of ten monumental pieces, stunning powerful sound and brings the listener to a state of almost biblical intensity. While this is the most powerful we’ve heard this year.

Die Antwoord – “Donker Mag”

The previous two releases were heard to the holes – now finally freaks from South Africa gave us a fresh batch of killer tracks for home discos on the background of the carpet. If earlier it was “I am a motherfucking ninja!”, now “I am a PITBULL TERRIER!”. The difference is small, however, their music still works perfectly.

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Jack White – “Lazaretto”

Replacing the bright red tones of The White Stripes at the sad blue shades solo career, he has not changed the principle: fry rock so, like you no one did: cheerfully, recklessly, at the point of attack, neglecting technical errors in favor of the drive. And let this album sounds about the same as all other ever recorded by Jack white, it’s still a great album. For that he will Express the whole edition of the Internet portal “Culturally” a huge thank you and immense respect!

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