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OST Only Lovers Left Alive, 2014, the soundtrack to film American movie Only Lovers Left Alive (only lovers left alive, 2014) – slow, brooding, unique and absolutely film. There is practically no plot.

As the location of the film is selected it is no coincidence that Detroit and Tangier. Detroit – as the main characters of the film, the vampires are slowly dying. Fading landscapes, and industrial development – the reverse side of the American automobile industry. Tangier, city in Morocco – the Mecca of the hippie movement, once the haunt of musicians and artists wave of the 60s. The soundtrack to the film a lot of new psychedelic indie music, but also songs of the 50s genre of rockabilly Wanda Jackson, Charlie Feathers.

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Jim Jarmusch is a true artist do not bother to objectivity or possible inconsistencies. In fact, the characters in the film is an analog of the demigods in the digital age. All music that is created throughout the centuries the main character – Adam – he never belonged and do not belong. At first, he sends his creations to contemporary composers, so they were given his personal works for her but now just could not prevent widespread distribution of their own music. It is a process that cannot be stopped, but he as the Creator was, and remains, in the last century. Not accidentally, many times we see footage of a spinning plate – a symbol of the good old days.

The protagonist, Adam (Tom Hiddleston) – well, very similar to Jared Leto, as if this role was written for him, the resemblance is obvious. Eve (Tilda Swinton) is at the time of the filming already over 50, and she looks like a girl – like this forever attractive androgynous vampire. The heroine MIA Wasikowska – a kind of Janis Joplin. None of the characters does not want to follow the age and to grow up.

And throughout these changing times, only one thing remains constant – love. Aesthetes-the vampires are alien to vulgarity, they agree only for a reasonable livelihood, but with this approach, they have very few ways to get pure blood, drugs. And when these underground sources of blood disappear, it remains only one thing – to feast upon the blood of the living, and the kissing couple is the most suitable for this target, because they have pure feelings, and to turn them into vampires, they will also be granted eternal life and perhaps eternal love. Let the living will be only love. Only lovers are allowed to live. Only lovers left alive.

Only lovers left alive, Tilda Swinton. The authors of the music – Jozef Van and stay at the group SQURL. But the music in this soundtrack includes all the songs heard in the film.

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