Playlist for music lovers Part 2

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Artist: Janelle Monet

Title of album: The Electric Lady

Who is it? Electric lady Janelle Mona makes pop music as it had not been: intelligent, inventive, cutting edge and soulful. The previous record was blown lovers soul it’s a new concept and relaxed ease at the same time.

How can it sound? As Prince, Andre 3000, like Erika Badu. and like one of them. Futuristic and classic at the same time. In the best tradition of space funk, which is to reject every tradition. Or pretend to reject.

It’s OK to listen to? Two single hanging and one of them is a killer: a joint song with the aforementioned Bud, which is closed unexpected dizzying rap verse Monet the air under the strings.

Recommend to anyone who is disappointed in popular music, but fraught with hope. Anyone who wants to hear a new Prince that was promised during the second song of the album.

Artist: M. I. A.

Album name: Matangi

Who is it? British singer of Tamil origin — a more contemporary artist and civil activist than a musician, successfully combining the often aggressive electronic sound of hip-hop (very conditional) pop flow.

How can it sound? The singer said that it would sound like “Paul Simon [half of the folk Duo Simon & Garfunkel] on acid”, and label postponed the release of her album, as it sounded very positive about her previous work. Really, the previous album of his irrepressible shamed would compromise his current hip-hop avant-garde.

It’s OK to listen to? The audience is teased five compositions, some of which sounds like Jennifer Lopez on acid, the other as the female version of Public Enemy, recorded for the middle East rebels. Special mix prepared for the fashion show Kenzo, was supposed to be a sampler album, but the surprises are never excluded.

Recommend to anyone who wants to melt their brains or to find adequate audio equivalent of going on in the world of madness.

Artist: André Benjamin also known as André 3000

Album name: unknown

Who is it? Half of the successful hip hop Duo Outkast, grew out of the rap phenomenon of the leader of pop music, having mastered in the course of guitar and keys and writing the hits included in the list of the best songs of all time. Soon on screens there is a biopic on Jimi Hendrix, where he plays the main role.

How can it sound? Yes, whatever you like! In this-and the beauty: on the latest official releases of Outkast he mixed all the possible styles of black music, from psychedelic jazz, Blues and electronics to the wildest, everywhere showcasing their talents in the best light. It is possible, we can expect more traditional rap work, as the last two years, he suddenly appeared with guest rap verses on the record are completely different artists, including the Gorillaz and, God forgive me, Beyonce.

It’s OK to listen to? No official releases from the LP were not, but I advise you to see the part of Andre in the song R’n’b sensation Frank ocean’s, where both singers in fine form and a La Prince wave, but after the verse of Benjamin and explosive guitar solos (!) it becomes clear, who is the king.

I recommend to all. And in particular those who think you know who the king of modern rap and you know who the other king of modern rhythm-and-Blues. One album Andre 3000 all put them in their place, another thing is that he apparently set himself the creative challenge of higher.

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