Several awesome albums Part 1

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On the eve of New year we decided to remember what albums listened to in the past year. To say that musically, this year has been fruitful, to say nothing. We breath to translate do not have time between the releases. Especially the year was memorable for the fact that the music legends, one after another out of his spaces and rained on the heads of the suffering the long-awaited new material. That is why in 2013 we considered a year of great comebacks. A list of the most impressed us releases is very subjective, so if you with something do not agree, we will be glad to see in comments your options best albums of the year.

My Bloody Valentane — “m b v”

That’s really all the comebacks comeback. This album waited 22 years since then, in ‘ 91, the chief Apostle shoegaze recorded his landmark “Loveless,” which was the most perfect creation in the genre — both the standard, which need to be equal, and unattainable ideal. Then the group leader Kevin shields went crazy, the group disbanded for a long time to write anything down and drove, then again started the band regaled the public with promises of a new album and break off all hundreds of times. And in February of 2013, when even the most ardent fans had lost all hope, the group merged into the Network of your storied unfinished “m b v”. The album is very strange: on the one hand, it’s all the same muddy guitar brew that was on their previous release, the other songs here are much less bright, and all in all it resembles a collection of B-sides that were not included in the masterpiece ‘ 91. But even in this situation this album hundreds of times better than all what their modern imitators.

Queens of the Stone Age — “…Like Clockwork”

The coolest Stoner rockers of our time was silent since 2007. And although their leader, big red, Josh Homme, did not go all this time with the radar and participated in various projects, I felt that this was all wrong, not enough of his main band. And then at the end of a hot may out this hot, like melting in the sun album. “Queen” has recorded a true masterpiece and appeared in a new light: it’s not the crazy psychedelic hard rock as before, and the music is at times more intelligent, sophisticated and beautiful. Here, heartfelt ballads, and intricate melodic passages, and the General atmosphere of the Gothic American South — listen and if you find yourself in a novel by Faulkner. Extraordinary stuff, a major album of the year for the author of this material.

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — “Push the Sky Away”

Full comeback, this album cannot be called: in recent years this group has actively played and raved, only under a different name — “Grinderman”. But now the cave decided it was time to return the original title, and with it returned the point. The album, like much of the late work of cave aged in the genre of dark ballads, only now disappeared, all former playfulness, the whole grotesque: it seems that for the first time this crazy mustachioed Australian acknowledged his age and sings of the human face through a lot, which is something to remember. Meek, lean, quiet for the most part, the songs on closer listening take the soul worse than his most wild things of the past, and “Higgs Boson Blues” is one of the strongest songs of the year and the perfect soundtrack to the dead of night through the deserted streets back home. Her and listen.

The Knife — “Shaking the Habitual”

Wonderful Swedish electro pop Duo has not released anything since the mid-zero (not counting the odd Opera, 2010), and this broke creature is truly unheard of, unprecedented and unimaginable. It’s a huge, hour and a half, and a very radical album is closer to contemporary art or does it sound terrorism. Frantic drums, clanging percussion, ritual African rhythms, Oriental motifs, noise electronics, howls shamanic sense — what no ear on this release (there is even a harsh 20-minute essay in the genre of drone). In short, a thing is not easy, but outstanding. Probably the most important album of the year or even decade, will be seen. Likely that it will sound the music of the future.

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