Several awesome albums Part 2

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Daft Punk — Random Access Memories

The loudest comeback of the year — after eight years of silence the French Duo launched a massive and epic promotional campaign his fourth album that was waiting for him absolutely everything. The result was quite unexpected: your acid French house, known for previous works, they succeeded, in living a Lite funk in the ‘ 70s. However, they got to the point: the album has become incredibly commercially successful track, and it sounded and continue to sound from each iron, and, by God, this is the best that can come from the iron. However, in terms of music, this album can hardly be called outstanding, but at least one song from it can be called great. Her and listen.

Kanye West — “Yeezus”

The king of commercial hip-hop Kanye West suddenly made a steep turn 180% and gave the world the evil, noisy, avant-garde album without a single hit. Here buzz acid synths, mercilessly tormented by hearing the noise, proclaim to trouble the Jericho pipe. This celebration of self-centeredness West: if on the previous album he has collected on vocals the world team, from Rihanna to Elton John, then the only invited guest is God. And the name speaks volumes about who is associating himself now Kanye. Despite all this, the “Yeezus” is brilliant, strong and very beautiful entry about swept and torn by the earthly and the heavenly passions of the soul. One of the best albums of the year.

Arcade Fire — “Reflektor”

Canadian mini-orchestra is not very popular in Russia, and this is unfortunate: the rest of the world is now a major rock band of the era. In 2010, they took a Grammy, and the new, fourth album, was released as classics, great people, significance is not inferior to the same David Bowie (who, incidentally, also in this year he returned with the album, but the album is not very interesting). Like most artists in this list, Arcade Fire have presented to the public the product, fundamentally different from what was done before. This time they gave a Grand album, thanks disco. Oh, the song is as beautiful melodies still cannot erase from his mind, and those voices with nothing to confuse, but now for this epic music you can dance to it.

Jon Hopkins — “Immutity”

The best electronic album of the year. Epic techno, which is a place the whole range of human emotions. No comments, just watch the video (epileptics is not recommended).

Julia Holter — “Loud City Song”

Julia writes music in the highest degree mysterious, troubled her ballads fall into many of the songs, melodic turns in the highest degree intricate, it sounds as if through a light haze. But if you listen closely, to get to the very insides of her music, you can experience something incredible. An outstanding album from an outstanding female.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs — “Mosquito”

The Brooklyn trio after sunset in the region of euphoric synth-pop is back to where it began: playful, sassy and shameless rock. Turned out great. It is a pity that the really outstanding songs on the album not so much, but redeems all power mad. And the main hit — “Sacrilege” — it’s crazy what.

King Krule — “6 Feet Beneath The Moon”

The debut of the red-haired British boy 19 years old turned out spectacular. Monologues swept soul, sung deep, smoky voice, accompanied by a jagged guitar and bass electronics become the best soundtrack for sleepless nights with a glass in hand.

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Chelsea Light Moving — “Chelsea Light Moving”

The best (according to the author of this material) in the world of rock group Sonic Youth, it seems, fell apart irrevocably, for its main entities — Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon divorced. Fortunately, they continue their work alone. New band of Thurston recorded a magnificent album, it is still a strange, illogical and stunning noise-rock, and “the Sonics”, but played in a raw, Spartan sound and therefore even more impressive.