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Vanessa brown – dark-skinned Englishwoman with unusual roots: her parents are Puerto Rican and citizen of Jamaica. In childhood Vanessa sang in the Church choir, then learned the basics of jazz and soul. At the age of 15 she was singing in a funk band. A little later, managed to be a backing singer of The Pussycat Dolls and Madonna. Then it’s time for a solo career…

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…that the move is somehow not set. Vanessa played a lot in the company of famous musicians, her first album “Travelling Like the Light” gathered positive press, her songs in popular TV shows like “Sex in the city”. However real success did not come. Cheerful Doo-wop, which it traded at the time seemed relevant and modern, but lost in the shadow of giants such as Amy Winehouse. Though this album was recorded in explanation of breaking up with a guy, it definitely lacked drama and passion instead of VI VI offered the listener a good dance and listen to a very distinctive low vocals. Alas, the audience did not appreciated, and the album went unnoticed.

In 2010-2011 years, the singer recorded the second album “Lollipops & Politics is” dedicated to sex and politics. Alas, to hear this record, no one has succeeded – in front of the exit V V brown postponed it for six months. And then for another six months. And then another… In the end all that is left to the listener – this is lethal single “Children”, recorded with the assistance of a rapper named Chiddy Bang.

In short, the music business was not the best way: Vanessa brown broke with a big label and immersed himself in the fashion industry, where it succeeded, combining elements of 80s style and modern hipster fashion.

In 2013, when the singer is already nobody waited, she returned with the album “Samson & Delilah” – and it was a real breakthrough. Music history knows many cases that the musician was able to drastically change your style and become the better for it. “Samson & Delilah” – the same case.

In place of rolling rhythms came ritual drums, to replace the bravura brass – viscous, smeared synths, the Sunny day and mystical night, full of secrets. In the new audio environment voice of Vanessa brown, her greatest treasure, sounded really tight. In addition, for the first time, she wrote not just nice or good, but truly outstanding songs. This is especially true of “Looking for Love” – the majestic, the sad, and is simply the best compositions V V brown for her entire career.

Of course, this album brought the singer great success – the music sounds on it, too complicated, heavy and futuristic to the ear, accustomed to the mass pop products. However, the true connoisseurs made “Samson & Delilah” in the number of favorite records and since then was waiting for Vanessa’s new material…

Which came out a few days ago, and his name is “Glitch”. To the depths of the previous album, the new album, of course, lacking. It is much more accessible tracks on it, mostly short, many of them with a fashionable stammering a bit, as in a trap. However, these songs open the abyss of nobility and beauty – all thanks to V V voice and her talent.

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It is an absolute evolution: if the previous album of the singer was a daring experiment, but now we are dealing with a great pop album. Kicks off the album with distorted bells, ends with an epic Coda to joy “Will You Wait”. Between these things – eleven luxurious things, for the most part in the spirit of the modern independent R’n’b.

Unfortunately, the “Glitch” until it was for Vanessa’s big breakthrough – and not the fact that in the future it is waiting for a big success. To work with almost zero exhaust – exhausting exercise. And will be very sad if we will pros even one of the most interesting singers of our age.

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