Songs that shook the world Part 1

The following list would love to be every self-respecting musician. But to gain worldwide recognition obtained only in the elect. Tracks that changed the music world. The song won the hearts of millions.

Queen – The Show Must Go On

A cult song, which became fatal for Freddie mercury. Song composed by Brian may, but Freddie and Sam took in creating a song part.

It is necessary to focus on the fact that during the recording of the song Freddie already had difficulty walking (he had AIDS). And then there was a question about whether he can perform on the track in the Studio. Brian was about to cancel the recording. What Freddie mercury drank a glass of vodka, said, “I’ll do it, honey.” Indeed, according to other band members, the legendary Freddie “just tore the song to shreds” by writing it on the first try.

Michael Jackson — Billie Jean

The song, in his time became the calling card of the King of pop. Singing this song, Jackson showed the world his famous moonwalk.

Track written by Michael himself. Rumor has it that the song is autobiographical in nature. Supposedly, in 1981, he pursued the woman who claimed that Jackson is the father of her children. And one day a loving lady received a parcel with a gun. She argued that if they both shot, it would have met in another world and lived a happy life, but for the “wrong” side. Well, looks like a real detective novel! However, after some time this woman was in a psychiatric hospital.

“I understood that “Billie jean” is a strike, actually it was written by the signal. I had been by this tune totally assimilated. One day throughout a break-in saving periods, I went along a freeway of the town of Ventura having a friend. “Billie jean” spun in my own mind, nothing otherwise might think about. Suddenly we were driven as much as by the child about the bike and stated, ” fire is on by your vehicle is “. Abruptly we leaped from the vehicle and noticed the smoking. All rolls royce was burning. Our lifestyles were possibly stored by this child. We would be lifeless when the vehicle skyrocketed. But I had been assimilated within the tune in my own mind to get a very long time and didn’t recognize the incident’s risk.”

The Rolling Stones – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

It is difficult to believe that the most popular song by the British rock band was invented by accident…in my dreams! As claimed by Keith Richards (member of staff), the motive of the melody he had in one of the hotels on tour. Despite this, the author of the text (except the phrase “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”) was Mick Jagger. Incidentally, the famous singer once said that he would rather be killed than to sing this song after 45 years. As time went on. The popularity of the song grew. Now Jagger says that he said it without thinking. Indeed, with all due respect to Mick, the singer rushed to the statements.

Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On

Well, with this song and hearing the first notes, you already ran goosebumps? If Yes, then this once again confirms the greatness of this track. It is worth to say that this song is listed in the list of the most successful songs in the history of music. A brilliant soundtrack to the film “Titanic” became famous all over the world.

Interestingly, the first Celine was categorically against of this song because the track she didn’t like.

Only when the producer of the track James Horner brought to the Studio instrumental version and told Dion about the film “Titanic”, the singer agreed to the execution.

“James just brought the music, he helped me in my work. So, he told me with many details, episodes film, for example about the collapse of the liner, on the couple of elderly people who embraced on the bed and saw how the water had entered their cabin from under the door, but they decided to go to bed and sleep forever. I just imagined all of this… Actually, that day I was not in very good vocal form, for example, I don’t drink coffee during the recording, but then I drank a few cups of coffee with sugar. It’s funny that the recording was done just as a demonstration, and it is interesting to note that she was included in the film,” says Celine Dion.

Image result for The Beatles — Yesterday

The Beatles — Yesterday

A trustworthy radio stop bi-Bi- SI 2 named this tune the twentieth century’s very best track. And there’s no fighting: “Recently” is just a vintage that’ll be well-known despite years that are many.

“I recall contemplating within “Recently tune and abruptly I’d the first lines of the word that is single. I started initially to create the concept… Dada da term day – enjoyable yes, and again, not-bad. My problems appeared to date away. Super easy in the future up state, nay absent, play, remain, and so the outlines progressively gathered in items. Unexpected- simple rhyme, and again: Elizabeth, shrub, me we, and, see, the primary component had been completed by me,” says Paul McCartney.

An essential accomplishment of the tune is the fact that she experienced records’ Guinness guide whilst the tune was created more of address-variations.

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