Songs that shook the world Part 2

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BeeGees – Staying alive

Of course, you remember the rhythm, which makes you feel life to the fullest! But many do not know that the track was recorded for the disco film “Saturday night Fever”. But it so happened that this song became more popular than the movie for which it was written.

After the release of the track occupied by the first line of the most famous of the charts. This is not surprising because such a vibrant motif will be remembered by all! Composition popular in our days. It is worth to say that it still appears in many movies. For example, in the TV series “Sherlock Holmes”: Moriarty put on ringtone to your mobile phone lyrics of the BeeGees. Since then, fans of the new “Sherlock” began to make all kinds of fan video using this song.

It is interesting to note that “Staying alive” is the place to be for medical purposes – for training skills of CPR at a rate of 100 taps per minute. As it turned out, the same rhythm is present in the band’s songs BeeGees. What can I say, even without the massage of the song anyone cheer! Check for yourself.

Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

The song that set the tone for the XXI century. The release of the track was held on 23 may 2000. It is the most successful song of the group, which took first place in all music charts around the world.

It is known that the song contains references to the track by Frank Sinatra. This became a stumbling block between the vocalist and guitarist of the band.

“I just got back from filming and said: “Sinatra starred in 16 movies and toured to 80 years. This is my model of behavior.” He said, “You can’t put the damn words. Anyone else but you don’t care about Frank Sinatra.” But I still wrote it,” says Jon Bon Jovi.

And he has not lost, after all, the song is in demand, even 16 years later after the premiere!

Europe — The Final Countdown

You might not understand this group don’t understand people of the team, but a tune that seems from youth at the start of the tune, accustomed for you.

However the artists themselves aren’t expected the tune this type of mind boggling achievement. They desired to contain it right before the show, inviting the market. But before long, strike, which mastered the audio graphs a large number of nations was acknowledged by the singer of the Remedial rock-band.

“in the beginning I had been audio, that we performed various phrases and performed again and again, till, until I did so “The Ultimate Countdown”, which match completely. Our concept was the globe is growing, and we proceed — we’re misplaced in room,” claims vocalist tempest.

“After I first noticed the synth dropping Closing Countdown” that is “The, my response was like. It” can’t be just used by us. ” evokes musician John Norum.

ABBA – Happy New Year

Just how many occasions perhaps you have noticed this monitor within the yr that was fresh on the stereo or about TV? Nearly every individual in the world Planet may perform “Content New Year’s refrain. But when you believe while resting from the hearth having a Christmas – tree this tune was created, you’re significantly mistaken!

This tune isn’t actually concerning Jan 1, and about the Fresh yr, when it finished with the events which is time for you to take into account the potential. Furthermore, the initial edition of the monitor was named “Dad Do Not Get Drunk on Holiday Day” (“Dad, do not get drunk for Holiday”) and was meant for funny audio. Nevertheless when the thought of “burned”, the team ABBA chose to execute it and also to remake the tune underneath the Holiday feeling. Many genuinely believe that the written text is just a tad dismal. This is actually the reality, since the monitor has got the phrases that were subsequent: “And here we stay, also you and me, misplaced, looking at one another. The celebration has ended. Today appears so gray. We don’t believe that went “.

The tune turned emblematic of Fresh yr. all over the world in several nations.

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Eurythmics — Sweet Dreams

This song became the hallmark of British Duo Eurythmics. Each of us at least once in your life heard this track. In the early 1980s, the song occupied a leading position in many music charts. And now, in 2016, the track does not lose its relevance.

It is interesting to note that the famous riff was invented quite by accident. Just the song, over which the group worked, played it backwards. And then deny the fact that masterpieces are created by accident?

At that time (1983) clip Eurythmics received extensive airplay on MTV. It was a great success, not to mention the love of an audience of millions.

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