Was Texas Western the first college ever to use black players?

Was Texas Western the first college ever to use black players?

Texas Western played Kentucky that Saturday night, starting the first all black lineup in NCAA history. Texas Western was lead by: Bobby Joe Hill, Willie Worsley, Harry Flournoy, David Lattin and Orsten Artis. The Miners beat Kentucky 72-65 in the NCAA championship, changing the world of sports forever.

Who was the first African American to play college basketball?

George Gregory, Jr.

What did Coach Haskins tell the players the night before the championship game?

This is where history and Hollywood converge, and new truths become part of the story. In “Glory Road,” the 2006 Disney movie about Texas Western, Miners coach Don Haskins tells his team the day before the championship that he will play only blacks the next night to make a social statement.

When was the last time Kentucky won the NCAA championship?

Rupp’s Wildcat teams won 4 NCAA championships (1948, 1949, 1951, 1958), one NIT title in 1946, appeared in 20 NCAA tournaments, had 6 NCAA Final Four appearances, captured 27 Southeastern Conference (SEC) regular season titles, and won 13 SEC tournaments.

How many African American coaches are currently coaching in the NBA?

Out of the league’s 185 assistant-coaching positions, 85 of the coaches are people of color. Meanwhile, 74.2% of the NBA players are Black. “These numbers are just disgraceful. It doesn’t make any sense,” National Basketball Players Association executive directorMichele Roberts told USA TODAY Sports.

Is Don Haskins still alive?

Deceased (1930–2008)

Where is Jerry Armstrong from?


How old is Jerry Armstrong?

Jerry Armstrong, member of 1966 Texas Western basketball team, dies at age 76. EL PASO, TEXAS (KTSM) – Jerry Armstrong, who played for the legendary 1966 Texas Western basketball team that won the national championship, died on Thursday at the age of 76.

Who won the 1966 national championship in basketball?

UTEP Miners men’s basketball