What age group is a tale of two cities for?

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What age group is a tale of two cities for?

A Tale of Two Cities

Interest Level Grade 5 – Grade 12
Reading Level Grade 9
Genre Fiction, Young Adult
Publisher Lerner Publishing Group
Brand First Avenue Classics ™

Is a tale of two cities worth reading?

A Tale of Two Cities is a novel of love, revenge, freedom, hope, death, life, and sacrifice. So yes, A Tale of Two Cities is worth the read.

Is a tale of two cities a real story?

A Tale of Two Cities is an 1859 historical novel by Charles Dickens, set in London and Paris before and during the French Revolution. Dickens’ best-known work of historical fiction, A Tale of Two Cities is claimed to be one of the best-selling novels of all time.

Is a tale of two cities a true story?

A Tale of Two Cities is not a real story because the specifics of the plot are not based on real events or people. However, the story is based on real historical events, such as the French Revolution.

Why is a tale of two cities so famous?

A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, deals with the major themes of duality, revolution, and resurrection. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times in London and Paris, as economic and political unrest lead to the American and French Revolutions.

What are the 2 promises in a tale of two cities?

Two Promises Manette to make when he brings up the idea of marrying Lucie. Knowing how much Lucie respects her father’s opinion, Darnay doesn’t want Dr. Manette to bring up the idea of marrying Darnay to Lucie.

Why is a tale of two cities called A Tale of Two Cities?

A Tale of Two Cities is called A Tale of Two Cities because it is a tale about two cities. Specifically, it’s about London and Paris, and the intertwined lives of people living in those two cities during the upheaval of the French Revolution.

Does Charles Darnay die?

As the French Revolution begins, Darnay is arrested and brought before a tribunal, where the crimes of his uncle and father are brought to light. He is sentenced to death by guillotine, and bravely accepts his fate.

Why is Charles Darnay not guilty?

1) Why is Charles Darnay acquitted at his English trial? When he first appears in the novel, Darnay is on trial in London, accused of passing information between France and England. As the result of this possibility, and the circumstantial evidence, Darnay is acquitted and allowed to go.

Is Charles Darnay guilty?

Darnay has been charged with treason against the king of England, a serious crime which would end in his death if he were found guilty. However, Darnay remains composed even in the most stressful of circumstances, showing his courage and strength. Through their exchange we learn that Darnay is a French aristocrat.

Who kills Madame Defarge?

After calling for Lucie and the Doctor, Madame Defarge suspects that they have fled and tries to enter the room that Miss Pross is blocking. The two women struggle and Madame Defarge pulls out a gun. Miss Pross strikes it aside and the gun goes off, killing Madame Defarge and permanently deafening Miss Pross.

How did Madame Defarge die?

Madame Defarge is killed when her pistol accidentally fires as she struggles with Miss Pross.

Why is Madame Defarge always knitting?

Defarge symbolises several themes. She represents one aspect of the Fates. The Moirai (the Fates as represented in Greek mythology) used yarn to measure out the life of a man, and cut it to end it; Defarge knits, and her knitting secretly encodes the names of people to be killed.

What is Madame Defarge’s secret?

A Tale of Two Cities Madame Defarge reveals that she is the younger sister of the peasant woman who was raped by the Evrémondes and demands vengeance for the murder of her entire family. Lorry to tell him of the danger to Lucie and her family.

What does knitting symbolize in a tale of two cities?

Madame Defarge’s Knitting But on a metaphoric level, the knitting constitutes a symbol in itself, representing the stealthy, cold-blooded vengefulness of the revolutionaries. Madame Defarge’s knitting thus becomes a symbol of her victims’ fate—death at the hands of a wrathful peasantry.

What is the grindstone in tale of two cities?

This is what the grindstone signifies. It is a place where the people are coming to sharpen their blades, but it is also a symbol of all the blood that has been spilled. Dickens does this to great effect when he describes the setting sun on the courtyard at the end of the chapter.

What does Miss Pross symbolize?

As such you might say that Miss Pross and England are symbolized by their meeting in God’s house, while Madame Defarge symbolizes everything that God is against.

How does Sydney Carton Die?

Sydney loses his head on the guillotine. When Charles is arrested and scheduled to die on the guillotine, with the potential of his wife, Lucie, and…

Why is Miss Pross unhappy?

Why is Miss Pross unhappy because there are “dozens” and “hundreds” of people coming to visit Lucie? (Pg. 92)She is complaining about the visitors because she thinks they will want to marry Lucie. He is Miss Pross’ brother who took her money and left her in poverty.

Does Miss Pross know French?

Miss Pross could have known as much French as English by now if she’d wanted, having lived with a French family for a long time, but she had no desire to. Therefore, she knew no more of that French “nonsense” (as she liked calling it) than Jerry did.

Why does Charles Darnay return to France after his marriage?

Darnay receives a letter from Gabelle, an employee who has been imprisoned due to his work for the Evremonde family. He decides to go back to France in order to intervene on behalf of Gabelle and perhaps even contribute to the Revolution’s effort to achieve justice and equality.

Does Miss Pross kill Madame Defarge?

Madame Defarge tries to shove her aside, but Miss Pross grabs her. During the ensuing struggle, Madame Defarge grabs for her pistol. But as she grabs the weapon it accidentally goes off, killing her.

Who is Miss Pross brother?

Solomon Pross

Where does Miss Pross find her brother?


What does Mr Cruncher think is barbarous?

Cruncher think is “barbarous”? Do you agree or disagree? Why? He thinks quartering is barbarous.

Why did Barsad call Defarge?

Here members of the brotherhood call one another “Jacques” to ensure they are, indeed, part of the revolutionary movement. Barsad is a terrible spy, for when he comes to the wine shop he boldly calls Defarge “Jacques”–more than once, even after he’s been told he must be mistaken.

Is a Tale of Two Cities difficult?

It was made in the 30s, but is available on dvd. This is not a difficult Dickens to read, but if this is your first foray into the world of literature, you may find it difficult. Take it slow, looking up words you don’t understand, and finish the novel. It is well worth your time.

Is a Tale of Two Cities boring?

This is perhaps cause for concern, especially since the novel I’ve just finished reading, A Tale of Two Cities, is one of the most boring and confounding sagas ever set down in writing. First, there are many problems with the characters. Aside from her weird forehead, Lucie is a very boring character.

Is a tale of two cities funny?

Introduction: A TALE OF TWO CITIES is a preponderantly serious and tragic novel. But it is not lacking in humor. According to some critics, this novel is notoriously deficient in humor. The two or three chapters dealing with Jerry Cruncher and his family life are also humorous.

Is a tale of two cities set during the French Revolution?

Much of the action of A Tale of Two Cities, takes place in Paris during the French Revolution and shows how the tyranny of the French aristocracy—high taxes, unjust laws, and a complete disregard for the well-being of the poor—fed a rage among the commoners that eventually erupted in revolution.

How long does it take to read the tale of two cities?

9 hours and 39 minutes

How long should you read in a day?

30 to 60 minutes

How does a tale of two cities begin?

The famous opening lines from Charles Dickens’ seminal novel on the French Revolution: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it …

Who is the hero of a tale of two cities?

Sydney Carton is one of the most dynamic and poignant characters in Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities. Readers, critics, and Dickens fans offer a multitude of words on the subject of Sydney Carton. Some view him as the most heroic of heroes.

Who is the best character in Tale of Two Cities?

Characters in A Tale of Two Cities

  • Character #1. Charles Darnay.
  • Character #2. Sydney Carton.
  • Character #3. Doctor Manette.
  • Character #4. Monsieur Earnest Defarge.
  • Character #5. Lucie Manette.
  • Character #6. Madame Thérèse Defarge.
  • Character #7. Jarvis Lorry.
  • Character #8. Jerry Cruncher.

Does Darnay die?

What does Charles Darnay do for a living?

Born a French nobleman, he decides to be the one aristocrat in France who has a conscience. He leaves his land (and his inheritance) in the dust, sets up shop as a lowly French tutor in London, and begins life over as Charles Darnay.

What was Charles Darnay tried for in Old Bailey?

Jerry is sent with a message for Lorry at the Old Bailey (criminal court). There Charles Darnay is being tried for treason, accused of being a spy for the French.

What were Carton’s last words to Lucie?

When he picks up the unconscious Lucie, he has “an air about him that was not all of pity — that had a flush of pride in it.”His whispered words to Lucie, “A life you love,”recall his words to her years before when he told her “there is a man who would give his life to keep a life you love beside you.”Keeping that …

Who did Mr stryver marry?

Summary and Analysis Book 2: Chapter 11 – A Companion Picture. The same night that Darnay makes his declaration to Doctor Alexandre Manette, Stryver tells Carton that he has decided to marry Lucie.

Who does Madame Defarge kill?

2) How does Madame Defarge die? Madame Defarge is killed when her pistol accidentally fires as she struggles with Miss Pross. Madame Defarge is trying to find Lucie and little Lucie in order to attack and kill them, and Miss Pross is determined to protect the family by concealing the fact that they have fled.

Does Monsieur Defarge die?

It seems that Ernest has no stomach for what his wife thinks needs to be done to advance the cause of the Revolution. Madame Defarge is subsequently shot dead after her pistol goes off during a struggle with Miss Pross, Lucie’s governess and friend.