What are some examples of a secondary source?

What are some examples of a secondary source?

Examples of secondary sources include:journal articles that comment on or analyse research.textbooks.dictionaries and encyclopaedias.books that interpret, analyse.political commentary.biographies.dissertations.newspaper editorial/opinion pieces.

How do you paraphrase a secondary source?

In-text referencing when paraphrasing from a secondary source.The family name(s) of the author(s).No initials are required.Cited in (you must use these words).The name(s) of the author(s) whose book you have read.The year of publication of the book you have read.

Is an artifact a secondary source?

Primary sources can be original documents (such as letters, speeches, diaries), creative works (such as art, novels, music and film), published materials of the times (newspapers, magazines, memoirs, etc.), institutional and government documents (treaties, laws, court cases, marriage records) or relics and artifacts ( …

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