What are the principles of file plan?

What are the principles of file plan?

The Three Golden Rules of a good file plan

  • Simplicity. Your file plan must: reflect functions, activities and tasks that are easily recognisable by users;
  • Consistency. Your file plan must: have rules and guidelines that ensure all staff/users follow the same procedures;
  • Flexibility. Your file plan must: be adaptable;

Which two filing systems are used to file medical records?

If a numerical record identification system is used, then a numerical filing system is used. There are two main systems of filing records numerically: straight numeric and terminal digit.

What is the difference between a direct filing system and indirect filing system?

What is the difference between a direct filing system and an indirect filing system? direct filing allows records to be located by directly going to the files; indirect filing has better security & makes it difficult for people unfamiliar with the coding system to gain access to specific records.

What is direct filing system?

There are two types of access used in filing systems: direct access and indirect access. Direct access allows a person to find a record by going directly to the files and looking under the name of the record. Alphabetic systems are usually direct access systems.

What are the advantages of numerical filing?

Advantages of Numerical filing

  • It is easy to understand.
  • Disarrangement of files is minimized.
  • The location of numbered files is very easy.
  • The file number can be used as a reference in future correspondence.
  • The expansion of files is very easy since the system is flexible.
  • The preparation of address list is very easy.

What is an indirect filing system?

Indirect Filing System. a filing system in which an intermediary source of reference, such as a card file, must be consulted to locate specific files. OUTfolder. a folder used to provide space for the temporary filing of materials. OUTguide.

What is color coding filing system?

Color coded filing systems assign colored labels to certain key letters or numbers of the file folder name. Assigning colors to key letters or numbers creates blocks of color or color bars when like numbered or lettered file folders are organized next to one another in your filing equipment.

What are the disadvantages of subject filing?

Disadvantages of Subject Filing

  • Subject titles may overlap.
  • Concise, clearly defined, and uniformly stated subject titles may be difficult to select.
  • Inconsistent subject coding on records may make storage and retrieval difficult.
  • Users may not remember exact titles.

How many methods are there in filing?

four methods

What is the disadvantage of geographical classification?

Disadvantages of Geographical Classification of Files 1. The geographical location should be known to the employee, if not so, misfiling may be taken place. 2. An index should be prepared, if not so, geographical classification will be no use.