What are the spools of suffering?

What are the spools of suffering?

There is a metaphor that describes the photo reels as ‘spools of suffering’. All the photos are of dead people or war or horrible events that have happened because of war. It literally describes the dark room as they use red lights so as not to affect the photos during development.

What is softly glow?

When the poet says, “The only light is red and softly glows,” he brings to light the connotations of danger and blood lost in the war but it may also relate to the light in the room wherein the photographer does the development of the photos that he has taken during the war.

Why did Jane Weir write poppies?

Poppies was her response to a commission for war poems by the Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy. Her poem was a response to the losses already suffered during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She felt, as the mother of two teenage boys, that speaking from a mother’s perspective about loss would be powerful.

How do kamikazes compare to poppies?

In conclusion, Poppies focuses more on wishing for someone to come back, whereas Kamikaze is more focused on what happens to some of the soldiers who return, almost like a cold truth.

How does Weir present loss in poppies?

‘ Weir has acknowledged that ‘A lot of my poems are narrative driven or scenarios’, and in ‘Poppies’ she tells the ‘story’ of a mother’s experience of pain and loss as her son leaves home to go to war. This poem attempts on one level to address female experience and is consciously a political act.

What form is poppies written in?

Form, Meter, & Rhyme Scheme of “Poppies” “Poppies” is made up of four stanzas written in free verse. In other words, it doesn’t have a meter or rhyme scheme, and the stanzas are different lengths as well—some of them are as short as 6 lines, some as long as 11.

Who is speaking in the poem poppies?


What does a songbird represent in poppies?

For example, the door to the house represents the door to the world. The release of the songbird symbolises the narrator letting go of something that has given her joy. Furthermore, the dove represents the symbol of peace – showing the narrator that their son is now at peace.

What does the wishbone mean in poppies?

leaned against it like a wishbone

Are poppies dramatic monologue?

When ‘Poppies’ was written British soldiers were still dying in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The purpose of the poem was to convey the suffering caused because of the death of the soldiers. Form and structure • The poem is a dramatic monologue which is written in first person.

How long before the end of the war was Owen killed in battle?

Owen was killed in action on 4 November 1918 during the crossing of the Sambre–Oise Canal, exactly one week (almost to the hour) before the signing of the Armistice which ended the war, and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant the day after his death.

What are the key themes in exposure?


  • Power of humans.
  • Power of nature.
  • War.
  • Death.
  • Religion.
  • Education.

Is there Enjambment in exposure?

Most of the lines are enjambed into the next, end-stopped only where you would expect, either with a full stop at the end of the verse, or at the end of the line. It happens also in the final verse, to leave the sentence “All their eyes are ice,” hanging at the end of the line.