What are the three main ethnic groups made up of Mole Dagbani?

What are the three main ethnic groups made up of Mole Dagbani?

The Mole-Dagbani ethnic group comprises the Moshi (Mossi), Mamprusi, Nanumba and Dagomba. There are some 450,000 Mamprusi living in Ghana, and approximately 11,000 in Togo.

Who is Tohazie?

The origin of the mole Dagomba kingdom can be traced to Tohazie, the red hunter. He was a great warrior and a hunter. While he was on a hunting expedition, he came across a village and was received by an old lady. This lady provided Tohazie with everything except water.

Why was Tohazie called Red Hunter?

The story of the Mamprusi Monarchy traces its origin to a great warrior named Tohazie the Red Hunter. Tohazie was called the Red Hunter by his people because he was fair in complexion. Tohazie’s grandson Naa Gbanwaah settled in Pusiga and established the Mamprugu kingdom.

Who is the grandson of Tohazie?

Toha-zie, the Red Hunter, is the ancestor who led the final southwestern migration from Bawku, at Ghana’s northeastern border, to present-day Dagbon. His grandson, Naa Gbewaa, is considered the common ancestor of the Dagomba and two related groups, the Nanumba and the Mamprussi.

Who is the king of Dagbon?

King Abubakari Mahama II

When did Yaa Naa died?


Who built gbewaa Palace?

Na Alassani

Who succeeded Naa Gbewa?


Which is the oldest kingdom in Ghana?

According to oral traditions and archaeological evidence, the Dagomba states were the earliest kingdoms to emerge in present-day Ghana as early as the 11th century, being well established by the close of the 16th century.

Who founded Dagbon Kingdom?

King Sitobu

Where can we found Gbewa Palace?


Who burned down the first gbewaa Palace?

The Palace was burnt during the German siege. Na Alassani thus built the Gbewaa Palace about a hundred metres away; it has been the palace for all subsequent Ya Nas until it was burnt down in the 2002 conflict. As of 2013, a temporal palace is being built on the ruins of the old palace burnt by the Germans in 1899.

What language do the Mamprusi speak?


How is God called in Dagomba?

In Dagbon here, everybody, whoever at all, whatever he is going to do, he has to call the name of God. And truly, the reason why all Dagbamba call the name of God is that we heard that it is God Who created us.

What is the title for the king in Dagbon Kingdom?


When was Tohazie born?

19th August,1998

Which region is mamprusi?

North East Region

How do Frafras call God?

The Frafra people who live predominantly in the north-eastern part of the Upper East Region of Ghana, called themselves in Gurune language as “Gorse,’ whilst some historians refer to them as “Gurune.” However, when a Frafra meets any Gurune speaking person he refer to him or her as “Mabia” (My family).

Which region is gambaga?

Where did mamprusi migrated from?

The Mamprusi claimed descent from Na Gbewaa, and traced their origins to Tanga, an area located east of Lake Chad, from where they settled at Pusiga near Bawku.

Where is mamprusi?

Mamprusi, also called Mampruli, a people who inhabit the area between the White Volta and Nasia rivers in northern Ghana. The Mamprusi speak different dialects of More-Gurma (Mõõre-Gurma) of the Gur (Voltaic) branch of the Niger-Congo language family. A few Mamprusi also live in northern Togo.

Who is the paramount chief of mamprusi?

Naa Bɔhagu Mahami Abdulai

Where did the ewe migrate from?

The Ewes are believed to have migrated from Ketu, a town in the south eastern part of present day Benin in the 16th century.