What does a combat controller do in the Air Force?

What does a combat controller do in the Air Force?

An Air Force Combat Controller (CCT) is an FAA-certified air traffic controller who provides combat support on missions by establishing air control. In this case, that means directing an A-10 Warthog to where the enemy has taken up position.

How long does it take to become a combat controller?

35 weeks

How much do combat controllers make?

The typical US Air Force Combat Controller salary is $50,514. Combat Controller salaries at US Air Force can range from $37,051 – $66,630. This estimate is based upon 6 US Air Force Combat Controller salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

What color beret do combat controllers wear?

scarlet beret

Are combat controllers special forces?

Combat Controllers are trained special operations forces and certified FAA air traffic controllers. Their motto “First There” reaffirms the combat controller’s commitment to undertaking the most dangerous missions behind enemy lines by leading the way for other forces to follow. …

How long is combat control school?


What is the Air Force equivalent to the Navy SEALs?

Air Force Special Tactics forces are composed of para-jumpers and combat control technicians. PJs provide emergency rescue services to airmen, soldiers and civilians in peacetime and combat environments.

What is the hardest military unit to get into?

Toughest SAS Fitness Tests

  1. Russian Alpha Group Spetsnaz. If you were trying to figure out which test on the list was the toughest, Russia takes the cake (and really, are you even surprised that it’s Russia?).
  2. Israeli Sayeret Matkal.
  3. Indian Army Para Special Forces.
  4. US Army Delta Force.
  5. UK Special Air Services.
  6. Australian Commandos.

What should you not say to a soldier?

20 Things You Should Never Say to Someone in the Military

  • “How many people have you killed?”
  • “What kind of action did you see in combat?”
  • “When are you done?”
  • “I’m glad you made it back in one piece.”
  • “How could you leave your family for so long?”
  • “What do you think about what’s going on in the news?”
  • “What’s it really like over there?”
  • “Did anyone you know die?”

Is there a difference between a soldier and a Marine?

Marines also differ from the traditional soldier, or grunt, in that they are much more technical and proficient in the manner in which they conduct themselves in any kind of battle, as they know they are typically the ones leading the charge, so making mistakes is not an option that ever crosses their mind.

What’s the easiest branch of the military to get into?

The Navy and the Army are the easiest branches to get into, mostly because they’re so big. The Navy’s basic training is only about two weeks longer than the Air Force’s, IIRC, and just a little harder.