What does devastated mean?

What does devastated mean?

1 : to bring to ruin or desolation by violent action a country devastated by war The typhoon devastated the island. 2 : to reduce to chaos, disorder, or helplessness : overwhelm devastated by grief Her wisecrack devastated the class.

What does forage mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : food for animals especially when taken by browsing or grazing The grass serves as forage for livestock. 2 [forage entry 2] : the act of foraging : search for provisions They made forages to find food.

What are the types of forage?

Forage is composed of plant leaves and stems mostly eaten by grazing animals. It can be herbaceous legumes, grasses, shrubs or tree legumes.

What is the opposite word of squabble?

Opposite of quarrel noisily over a trivial matter. agree. concur. surrender. yield.

What does squabble mean antonym?

ˈskwɑːbəl) A quarrel about petty points. Synonyms. bickering words spat quarrel tiff bicker wrangle fuss pettifoggery row run-in dustup. Antonyms. boo disapprove miss detach agree.

What is the best definition of devastating?

1 : causing great damage or harm a devastating flood/earthquake a devastating injury A devastating coastal tsunami could also result from a severe displacement of the San Andreas Fault.—

Is devastation a mood?

When there’s devastation, there’s terrible destruction. You can see the devastation from a violent hurricane and feel devastation over all the people that were injured. People can also feel devastation — it’s a kind of extreme sadness or state of feeling emotionally wrecked.

What does drastically mean?

in a drastic manner

Is drastic good or bad?

“Drastic” means “severe” and generally has negative or frightening associations. Drastic measures are not just extreme, they are likely to have harmful side-effects. Don’t use this word or “drastically” in a positive or neutral sense.

What does drastic mean in English?

1 : acting rapidly or violently a drastic purgative. 2 : extreme in effect or action : severe drastic measures made drastic changes.

How do you use the word drastically?

Drastically sentence example

  1. His life wouldn’t change drastically if he agreed.
  2. After the school lost its national accreditation, their enrollment drastically declined.
  3. Something was drastically altered about his friend, and the thin collar around his neck told Kris everything he needed to know.

What is the correct way to spell drastically?

Correct spelling for the English word “drastically” is [dɹˈastɪkli], [dɹˈastɪkli], [d_ɹ_ˈa_s_t_ɪ_k_l_i] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What kind of word is drastically?

adjective. extremely severe or extensive: a drastic tax-reduction measure.

What is the noun for drastic?

Noun. drastic (plural drastics) A powerful, fast-acting purgative medicine.

What is meant by drastic condition?

Something that is drastic is violent, forceful, and extreme. If you are saving for a car and you only have $50, you need to make a drastic change to your money accumulation scheme. The word drastic comes from the Greek word for effective, but we use it to mean incredibly effective.

What part of speech is drastically?


Is Drastically a adverb?

drastically adverb – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at

What does drastically change mean?

adjective. A drastic change is a very great change.

What’s an example of drastic?

The definition of drastic is something radical or extreme. When you have very long hair and you suddenly shave your head, this is an example of a change that would be described as drastic.

What is an example of drastic?

Drastic sentence example. In the end, she made a drastic over-calculation and lost the ground battle. The main objects of these drastic alterations have been thought to have been two-fold. Drastic measures were necessary to limit expenditure and to provide new sources of revenue.

Is drastic a real word?

Can you live 10 years with cirrhosis?

There are two stages in cirrhosis: compensated and decompensated. Compensated cirrhosis: People with compensated cirrhosis do not show symptoms, while life expectancy is around 9–12 years. A person can remain asymptomatic for years, although 5–7% of those with the condition will develop symptoms every year.

Can you live a normal life with cirrhosis?

Most people with cirrhosis that’s found in its early stage can live healthy lives. If you are obese or have diabetes, losing weight and controlling your blood sugar can lessen damage caused by fatty liver disease.

What is the main cause of cirrhosis of the liver?

The most common causes of cirrhosis of the liver are: Alcohol abuse (alcohol-related liver disease caused by long-term [chronic] use of alcohol). Chronic viral infections of the liver (hepatitis B and hepatitis C). Fatty liver associated with obesity and diabetes and not alcohol.