What does the apple tree symbolize in out of the dust?

What does the apple tree symbolize in out of the dust?

In just this brief passage, we can recognize the apple trees as symbolic of a few things: Ma in her own right (she planted them, after all); Ma welcoming the experience of becoming a mother (she can be a little harsh at times, but in planting the trees she shows a clear desire to provide and take care of her family); …

What was the climax of out of the dust?

Climax: Billie Jo runs away and tries to escape to California. Falling Action: Billie Jo calls for her father to meet her at the train station because she realized that she needed to be home. She realizes that she is a vital part of the farm and can’t see her life without her father in it.

What was Caroline Henderson purpose for writing her letter?

Caroline Henderson: “Letters from the Dust Bowl” When drought struck Oklahoma in the 1930s, the author and her husband stayed behind to protect their 28-year-old farm. Her letters to a friend paint a picture of dire poverty, desiccated soil, and long days with no sunshine.

What caused the Dust Bowl according to Henderson letter?

Many factors contributed to the creation of the Dust Bowl – soils subject to wind erosion, drought which killed the soil-holding vegetation, the incessant wind, and technological improvements which facilitated the rapid breaking of the native sod.

What are some challenges Grace describes in her letter?

Answer: The answers are: Dust fogs in and out of the house. Illness, chest problems, pneumonia. 2-She’s optimistic, takes advantage of lulls in the action, and she helps her family.

How did the Dust Bowl affect people’s lives?

The massive dust storms caused farmers to lose their livelihoods and their homes. Deflation from the Depression aggravated the plight of Dust Bowl farmers. Prices for the crops they could grow fell below subsistence levels. In 1932, the federal government sent aid to the drought-affected states.

What according to this report were three causes of the Dust Bowl?

What environmental factors caused the Dust Bowl?

Economic depression coupled with extended drought, unusually high temperatures, poor agricultural practices and the resulting wind erosion all contributed to making the Dust Bowl.