What is a word for altogether?

What is a word for altogether?

adverbcompletely, without exception. all in all. altogether. entirely. exactly.

How do you say all together?


  1. all at once.
  2. all together.
  3. contemporaneously.
  4. jointly.
  5. simultaneously.
  6. synchronously.
  7. unitedly.

What’s another word for collectively?

What is another word for collectively?

closely together
concertedly cooperatively
conjointly jointly
mutually unanimously
unitedly as one

What does in all mean?

including everything

What does NR mean?

The definition of ‘NR’ is ‘no reply’. ‘NR’ is mainly used on social media to indicate that you will not reply to any comments or messages.

What is end all?

: something that stands as the ultimate goal or conclusion elucidating …

Which word element means all?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for WORD ELEMENT MEANING “ALL” [omni]

How many elements are there?

118 elements

Can elements be broken down?

Note that an element: consists of only one kind of atom, cannot be broken down into a simpler type of matter by either physical or chemical means, and. can exist as either atoms (e.g. argon) or molecules (e.g., nitrogen).

What is the smallest unit of an element?


What is the smallest part of an element?

Which two gases Cannot be broken down?

–Methane is a compound consisting of two elements, so it can be broken down by chemical means, but argon is an element, which cannot be broken down. –Methane is a compound and argon is an element.

Can Xe be broken down chemically?

Answer Expert Verified The He and Xe is consists of one atom only, so they can not be broken down by chemical means.

Can co be broken down by chemical means?

The substance that can be broken down by chemical means from the choices given is CO (Carbon monoxide). Carbon monoxide is a compound made up of carbon and oxygen and can therefore be broken by chemical means.

Which substance Cannot be broken down by a chemical change?

Elements are those pure substances that cannot be decomposed by ordinary chemical means such as heating, electrolysis, or reaction. Gold, silver, and oxygen are examples of elements. Compounds are pure substances formed by the combination of elements; they can be decomposed by ordinary chemical means.

Which terms are used to identify pure substances?

The term used to identify pure substances is called 1) An element and a mixture.

Can C and Cu be broken down?

Answer Expert Verified. C and Cu cannot be broken down by chemical change.

How many classifications of mixtures are there?

two types

What are the 2 main types of mixtures?

There are two main categories of mixtures: homogeneous mixtures and heterogeneous mixtures. In a homogenous mixture all the substances are evenly distributed throughout the mixture (salt water, air, blood).

What are the 3 types of mixtures?

Mixtures can be classified on the basis of particle size into three different types: solutions, suspensions, and colloids. The components of a mixture retain their own physical properties.

Is Salt a mixture?

Ordinary table salt is called sodium chloride. It is considered a substance because it has a uniform and definite composition. Salt easily dissolves in water, but salt water cannot be classified as a substance because its composition can vary. …

What are 2 examples of a solution?

Some examples of solutions are salt water, rubbing alcohol, and sugar dissolved in water. When you look closely, upon mixing salt with water, you can’t see the salt particles anymore, making this a homogeneous mixture. Let’s make use of our salt water example to talk about the two main parts of a solution.

What are the 2 types of matter?

Matter can be classified into several categories. Two broad categories are mixtures and pure substances. A pure substance has a constant composition. All specimens of a pure substance have exactly the same makeup and properties.