What is AO in the army?

What is AO in the army?

AO. Area of operations/administrative officer.

What does TMP stand for Army?

Transportation Motor Pool

What is a date of rank?

Date of Rank means the day an employee is officially appointed to a specific classification.

What does COP mean on a drawing?

Standardisation PER Persian Cat

What does COP stand for in shoes?

“Cop” (used as a verb) – To purchase or acquire. “Cozy boy” – Fashionable but also comfortable. “Deadstock” – A pair of sneakers that has never been worn. “Deubre”– Also called lace tags are popular on shoes like Air Force Ones.

What does cop drop mean on Instagram?

In the context of shoes or clothes, it’s a phrase used by Instagram pages to ask followers, would you buy this (cop) or no (drop)? See a translation. Report copyright infringement.

Where do cops drop their shoes?

In general, sneaker releases launch at 10:00 AM EST at Nike US and most retail partners. Here is a list of online stores we recommend: Nikestore, Footlocker, Eastbay, Champs Sports, Finishline, SSENSE, LUISAVIAROMA, adidas, Stadium Goods (after market) and eBay (after market).

What is Copdate?

Copdate works hand-in-hand with the world’s top brands and retailers to deliver the most coveted drops right to your phone. Use your Copdate reservation to secure the hottest sneakers, streetwear, art, music & more for retail, and cop every drop, hassle-free.

What is a Copdate account?

COPDATE. Reserve the hottest sneakers, streetwear, art, music & more from the world’s top retailers and cop every drop, hassle-free. COP EVERY DROP. Cop the latest from Yeezy, Nike, Adidas, Jordan, BAPE®, and much more — use your Copdate reservation to purchase hassle-free from your favorite shops on release day.

Does Copdate cost money?

COPDATE entries are 100% free There is no charge whatsoever for entering a Copdate event. Your CREDIT CARD IS NOT REQUIRED and there is NO CHARGE OF ANY KIND for entering and/or participating in any release.

Can you have multiple Copdate accounts?

Yes. You can subscribe to as many shops as you like to receive their notifications. You will have the opportunity to make reservations from any of your subscribed shops if the event is accessible in your area. Please note that this does not mean that you can reserve multiple products from the same retailer.

Is Copdate safe?

Is Copdate Safe? Yes. Copdate is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,032 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 1.8/5 .

How can I boost my Copdate?


  1. Enter a qualifying Copdate List event.
  2. Check your registered email for an invite to Boost your entry.
  3. Select your desired Boost Tier & complete the payment steps.
  4. Your entry is BOOSTED!* * Your Boost confirmation will be emailed.

How do I delete my Copdate account?

To delete Copdate from your iPhone, Follow these steps:

  1. On your homescreen, Tap and hold Copdate until it starts shaking.
  2. Once it starts to shake, you’ll see an X Mark at the top of the app icon.
  3. Click on that X to delete the Copdate app from your phone.

What is Copdate perk pass?

COPDATE BOOST allows you to upgrade eligible List entires to be entered in multiple draws and to earn a wide range of BOOST Perks. Each Boost purchase helps you unlock different types of Perks such as Next-Drops-On-Lock, Perks Passes, Insider Events, Copdate Concierge, and much more.

What is the boost perks app?

What is the Boost Perks APP? It’s a free benefit available to all active Boost Mobile customers that provides access to freebies, sweepstakes and thousands of discounts from everyday brands in food, fashion, entertainment, etc.