What is common ground in an essay?

What is common ground in an essay?

In rhetoric and communication, common ground is a basis of mutual interest or agreement that’s found or established in the course of an argument. Finding common ground is an essential aspect of conflict resolution and a key to ending disputes peacefully.

How do you write common ground in an essay?

Try to see the issues from their various perspectives and identify the overlaps. Look for what your potential listeners have in common, in terms of their questions, concerns, and what they would find valuable. Finding this “common ground” will allow you to craft a core message that will speak to your entire audience.

What is a common ground argument?

A Rogerian argument is also called the “common ground” argument because this method requires you to identify the ideas, beliefs and arguments you and your audience share in common. The assumption, therefore, is that you and your intended audience share common ideas, beliefs and arguments.

How do you establish common ground?

When verbal communication is possible, the participants can speak and then listen. Another aspect to establishing common ground is the use of visual cues. According to Gergle et al (2013), visual cues also help establish common ground in that it gives a reference to the speaker as to how much is understood.

How do you find common ground?

Common ground provides a pathway of communication, which leads to trust. At meetings or business gatherings, try talking about food, drink, going for a walk, playing golf or going for a run — all these activities allow for common experience. Then we find ourselves conversing with others.

What is the common ground?

phrase. If two people or groups find common ground, they agree about something, especially when they do not agree about other things.