What is Holmes famous line?

What is Holmes famous line?

Elementary, my dear Watson

Who is the only woman to impress Sherlock?

Irene Norton

Did Sherlock Holmes love Irene Adler?

Benedict Cumberbatch says that his character fell for the charms of Irene Adler. Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that his character Sherlock fell in love with Irene Adler in ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’.

Who killed Irene Adler?

archenemy Moriarty

Did Moriarty kill Irene?

Irene Adler was a prominent American adventuress, thief, and love interest of Sherlock Holmes. She was Holmes’ adversary on numerous occasions, even working for his nemesis Professor James Moriarty, who murdered her in 1891 when he no longer needed her assistance.

Does Moriarty die?

The other character who fans can rest assured will continue to do what she does best? Jamie Moriarty. Despite the character’s apparent death and funeral in the finale, Doherty confirms that Holmes’ nemesis is “absolutely not dead” and still up to her same old tricks.

Does Joan Watson love Sherlock?

Sherlock and Joan may be one of the most touching and unique love stories on television, but it wasn’t a romance. They ended up together as friends and family and loved ones, just not as lovers. Joan was able to adopt an adorable little boy and start a family, and Sherlock came home to his found family.

Does Joan Watson have a baby?

Most importantly, Joan has adopted a young child named Arthur. She somehow balances raising him with the demands of her life as a consulting detective and writer. And for those wondering, yes, she’s still blonde.

Who is the father of Joan Watson’s son?

But he looked like I’d just brought a ten-pound spider into his home. Kitty describing Holmes first seeing Archie, “Fidelity”. Archie is the son of Kitty Winter and godson of Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson.

Did Joan Watson sleep with Mycroft?

As Sherlock, Joan Watson, and Mycroft worked to solve the case, they tried to work out their own feelings. He was also childish and passive-aggressive about the fact that Joan and Mycroft slept together.

Is Mycroft evil?

Their relationship was a lot different in BBC’s series Sherlock, but I actually loved that. Not only were they not enemies, despite rivalry and bickering Mycroft actually turns out to be a father figure that protects his younger brother from his own demons.

Will Mycroft die?

No, Mycroft doesn’t die in The Final Problem. The one who dies in his place, or at least faked his death, is his younger brother, Sherlock Holmes.

Who is John Watson’s wife?

Mary Watson