What is OSHA and what laws does it enforce quizlet?

What is OSHA and what laws does it enforce quizlet?

Congress established OSHA to make sure that employees are in a safe workplace. They do this by enforcing standards and regulations and issue citations. Of legislation concerning workplace safety and health, the most significant has been the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) which was passed in 1970.

What agency is responsible for enforcing OSHA regulations quizlet?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for enforcing safety rules in the workplace. OSHA was created by Congress under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) of 1970 and is a part of the Department of Labor.

What government agency is responsible for regulations of safety in the work place?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA

Which government agency regulates all safety in the workplace *?


Which of the following are employers required to do under OSHA quizlet?

OSHA requires employers to: Maintain conditions and adopt practices reasonably necessary to protect workers on the job. The first and best strategy is to control the hazard at its source. Engineering controls do this, unlike other controls that generally focus on the worker who is exposed to the hazard.

What are the main responsibilities employers have under OSHA is to?

Provide a workplace free from serious recognized hazards and comply with standards, rules and regulations issued under the OSH Act. Examine workplace conditions to make sure they conform to applicable OSHA standards. Make sure employees have and use safe tools and equipment and properly maintain this equipment.

What are the four groups of OSHA standards?

OSHA standards are rules that describe the methods that employers must use to protect their employees from hazards. There are four groups of OSHA standards: General Industry, Construction, Maritime, and Agriculture.

Which of the following are the responsibility of OSHA quizlet?

Its responsibilities are to encourage employees and employers to reduce workplace hazards, improve existing safety, and monitor job related injuries and illnesses.

Which of the following are the responsibility of OSHA?

OSHA’s Mission Congress created OSHA to assure safe and healthful conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and providing training, outreach, education and compliance assistance. Under the OSHA law, employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace for their workers.

What role does OSHA play in workplace safety?

What role does OSHA play in workplace safety? OSHA is the federal agency responsible for ensuring safety of workers through enforcement of safety and health legislation. OSHA requires facilities to establish practices to keep employees health and safe.

Where there is no specific OSHA standard employers?

Where there are no specific standards, employers must comply with the General Duty Clause of the OSH Act. OSHA Standards (cont.) These standards also: Limit the amount of hazardous chemicals, substances, or noise that workers can be exposed to.

What are your 3 rights as an employee?

The Occupational Health and Safety Act entitles all employees to three fundamental rights: The right to know about health and safety matters. The right to participate in decisions that could affect their health and safety. The right to refuse work that could affect their health and safety and that of others.

Can you sue your job for stress?

Under both California and federal employment laws, workers are protected from undue stress, harassment, negligence and unsafe working environments. So, yes you can sue your employer for workplace stress under certain circumstances.

Can you threaten to sue your employer?

DO NOT THREATEN YOUR EMPLOYER – Threats that you will sue will only be used against you. Threats you will report your employer’s unlawful conduct to a branch of the government, however, is protected whistle blowing.