What is the best time to call TWC?

What is the best time to call TWC?

7 a.m. and after 5 p.m. = Best Times to Call TWC Tele-Centers TWC Tele-Centers experience high call volumes from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. M-F. We encourage those unable to get through to call at 7 a.m., after 5 p.m. and on weekends.

How do I request a call back from TWC?

Request a call through the live chat function on the TWC website. At the bottom of the homepage, a “virtual assistant” can help answer common questions about TWC services. Check back in if you don’t receive a call within a couple of days. Some people say they never heard back.

What do I do when my unemployment runs out in Texas?

If your benefits have been exhausted, we will automatically re-enroll you,” said Cisco Gamez, media and public relations specialist, Texas Workforce Commission. The extension also includes an additional $300 per week under the Federal Pandemic Unemployment program.

Are Texas unemployment benefits being extended?

Programs under this new act will extend benefits through September 4, 2021. TWC will automatically enroll most Texans who are eligible for benefits under the act, so there is no need to reapply. These are benefits extended to those not normally qualified for unemployment, such as the self-employed and gig workers.

What happens when your Pua runs out?

Once you run out of weeks to collect benefits through your state’s regular unemployment insurance program, you become eligible for federal Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC), a program that stimulus legislation created this year.

How much can I make and still get unemployment in Texas?

You may earn up to 25% of your Weekly Benefit Amount before we reduce your benefits for that week. If you earn more, then we will reduce your benefit payment by the amount that is over 25%. If you earn more than your weekly benefit amount plus 25%, we cannot pay you benefits for that week.

Where do I go to file for unemployment in Texas?

Apply for benefits in one of two ways:

  • Apply online at Unemployment Benefit Services by selecting Apply for Benefits. Read the Applying for Unemployment Benefits Tutorial. for help applying online.
  • Call a Tele-Center at 800-939-6631 and speak to a customer service representative.

How do I apply for Pua in Texas?

Individuals affected by COVID-19 can apply for PUA benefits online through Unemployment Benefit Services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or by calling a TWC Tele-Center any day between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. at 800-939-6631.

How long does Pua last in Texas?

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA): You should not need to file a separate claim. PUA lasts through June 26. According to Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, you should qualify if: You lost work because of a layoff or permanent, indefinite or temporary business closure caused by COVID-19.

Is Dua the same as Pua in Texas?

In Texas, DUA has become synonymous with Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, or PUA, during the coronavirus pandemic. While they are not technically the same thing, PUA is a form of DUA. You may see the acronyms used interchangeably, as there is no other form of DUA currently available in Texas.

How do I apply for DUA in Texas?

Applying for DUA

  1. Apply for regular benefits in one of two ways.
  2. If you are eligible for regular benefits, we must pay those benefits before taking a DUA application.
  3. If you are not eligible for regular benefits, you can apply for DUA online at Unemployment Benefit Services or by calling a Tele-Center at 800-939-6631.

Is Dua and Pua the same?

While states may adopt different systems for applying for PUA, the way that most states have implemented Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA, after which PUA is modeled) is that workers apply simultaneously for unemployment assistance and DUA.

How long does Dua last?

26 weeks

Is DUA under the cares act?

Individuals eligible for regular unemployment compensation under state law may receive up to 39 weeks of unemployment compensation (the CARES Act extends state unemployment benefits by 13 weeks). Individuals eligible for DUA may receive up to 26 weeks of DUA benefits.

Who is eligible for DUA?

When a major disaster has been declared by the President, DUA is generally available to any unemployed worker or self-employed individual who lived, worked, or was scheduled to work in the disaster area at the time of the disaster; and due to the disaster: • no longer has a job or a place to work; or • cannot reach the …

Who qualifies for disaster relief?

In order to be eligible for this program, you must be a U.S. citizen, non-citizen national, or qualified alien, and: You must have losses in an area that has been declared a disaster by the President of the United States.

What does Dua stand for?


Acronym Definition
DUA Day-Use Area (Minnesota)
DUA Dead Upon Arrival
DUA Driver Update Acceptable (Microsoft)
DUA Don’t Use Acronyms

How do I apply for FEMA grants?

Each situation is unique and is handled on a case-by-case basis. Anyone who suffers damage in a Presidentially-declared disaster can register for assistance online at or by calling the FEMA registration line, 1-800-621-3362.