What is the Cahill secret?

What is the Cahill secret?

Whoever discovers the great Cahill secret will become the most powerful person (or people) in the world. This secret can be unlocked by assembling all 39 Clues. When combined, these will form the secret— the Master Serum.

What is the final treasure in the 39 Clues?

The last clue is the serum formula, which Dan memorizes, but no one wants it anymore. Amy and Dan reunite the Cahills, who are all going to have different lives now. They go back to their normal lives, each earning two million dollars.

Who does Amy Cahill end up with?

She is currently dating Evan Tolliver, and has been for months. She had obsessed over him for the past two years before working up the courage to talk to him.

Who is Bae Oh?

Bae Oh (오배) is Alistair Oh’s uncle and was the former leader of the Ekaterina Branch. He is currently in prison in The Hague, Netherlands for various offences, which are listed in a rather comical way in The Black Book of Buried Secrets. He is known as a cheap and lying businessman.

Who killed Hope and Arthur Cahill?

She grew up in Attleboro, Massachusetts. She married Arthur Trent in 1992, and had two children with him: Amy and Dan Cahill, the protagonists of the 39 Clues series. She, along with her husband, Arthur, perished in a fire when Amy and Dan were very young.

How old is Amy Cahill?


Who is Gideon Cahill?

History. Gideon Cahill was the Cahill to invent the master serum. He is the father of Luke, Katherine, Thomas, Jane, and Madeleine Cahill. In 1507, Gideon drank the Master serum, which was not perfected by the Madrigal Serum.

Who is Vesper 6 in The 39 Clues?

Vesper Six, also known as The Enforcer, is a member of the Vesper Council of Six. The most recent Vesper Six was Cheyenne Wyoming.

Who was Vesper 4?

Sandy Bancroft

Why does Vesper kill herself?

She killed herself because she knew it would sever the connection between Bond and Quantum – and if Bond blamed Quantum for putting Vesper in a position where she would die (either by her own hand or someone else’s), then Bond would be forever beyond Quantum’s reach.