What is the highest award in the German military?

What is the highest award in the German military?

The Bundeswehr Cross of Honour for Valour

What is a German SAS called?

The Special Forces Command (KSK), notionally the German equivalent of the SAS, has been thrown into turmoil after some of its soldiers were found to have hoarded army-issue firearms, exchanged Hitler salutes and joined far-right messaging groups.

What is the German CIA called?

BND, abbreviation of Bundesnachrichtendienst, German: “Federal Intelligence Service”, foreign intelligence agency of the West German government.

What’s the German equivalent of the FBI?

The Federal Intelligence Service (German: Bundesnachrichtendienst; German pronunciation: [ˌbʊndəsˈnaːχʁɪçtnˌdiːnst], BND) is the foreign intelligence agency of Germany, directly subordinate to the Chancellor’s Office….Federal Intelligence Service.

Agency overview
Parent agency German Chancellery

What is the FBI equivalent in Germany?

The Bundesnachrichtendienst

What is the German secret police called?


What is the difference between the SS and Gestapo?

Adolf Hitler appoints SS chief Heinrich Himmler chief of all German police units. All police powers are now centralized. The Gestapo (German secret state police) comes under Himmler’s control. Responsible for state security, it has the authority to send individuals to concentration camps.

How many Stasi agents were there?

The Stasi had 90,000 full-time employees who were assisted by 170,000 full-time unofficial collaborators (Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter); together these made up 1 in 63 (nearly 2%) of the entire East German population.

What happened to the Stasi files?

It was renamed the “Office for National Security” (German: Amt für Nationale Sicherheit) on 17 November 1989. It was dissolved on 13 January 1990. The Stasi spied on almost every aspect of East Germans’ daily lives, and it carried out international espionage.

Who created the Stasi?

Erich Mielke

Was East Germany a dictatorship?

It was portrayed as a German-created political movement, but in reality SED-ruled East Germany was a dictatorship modeled on the Soviet Union from day one.

Is East Germany still communist?

A satellite state of the Soviet Union, Soviet occupation authorities began transferring administrative responsibility to German communist leaders in 1948 and the GDR began to function as a state on 7 October 1949….East Germany.

German Democratic Republic Deutsche Demokratische Republik
Capital and largest city East Berlin (de facto)