What is the most expensive military medal?

What is the most expensive military medal?

The Order of Victory

What is above a Bronze Star?

Medal ribbon (above) – Reverse side of star (below) Precedence. Next (higher) Army: Soldier’s Medal. Navy and Marine Corps: Navy and Marine Corps Medal.

Can you get more than one Bronze Star?

No more than one Bronze Star Medal shall be awarded to any one person, but for each succeeding heroic or meritorious achievement or service justifying such an award a suitable device may be awarded to be worn with the medal as prescribed by appropriate regulations.

How many purple hearts are there?

Purple Heart
Total recipients over 2,000,000 (including eligible casualties in World War I who may not have been awarded the Purple Heart)
Service ribbon

How many Purple Hearts were awarded in WW2?

1.07 million Purple Hearts

Can you replace lost military medals?

Requesting Replacement Awards and Medals Generally, the military services will issue replacement medals for the veteran at no cost. This includes family members with the signed authorization of the veteran. If the next-of-kin is requesting replacement medals there may be a cost.

What is Bronze Star with oak leaf cluster?

An oak leaf cluster is a ribbon device to denote subsequent decorations and awards consisting of a miniature bronze or silver twig of four oak leaves with three acorns on the stem.

What is the difference between bronze and silver oak leaf clusters?

The bronze oak leaf cluster represents second and subsequent entitlements of awards. The bronze Oak Leaf Cluster is awarded to and worn by Army and Air Force personnel on all US decorations, except the Air Medal, to denote the second and subsequent awards. A silver Oak Leaf Cluster is worn in lieu of five bronze.

What are oak leaves in military?

The US uniformed services use a gold and silver oak leaf as the symbol of ranks for Lieutenant Commanders/Majors/O-4 and Commanders/Lieutenant Colonels/O-5. This is compared to gold or silver bars for lower ranks and an eagle or stars for higher ranks.

What is a Bronze Star attachment?

The Bronze Battle Star is an attachment worn in conjunction with another medal, such as the Oak Leaf Cluster is worn with the Air Medal. The Bronze Battle Star is often called the following names in military documents and jargon: bronze star, battle star, or campaign star.

What is the National Defense Service Medal with bronze star?

The bronze star attachment is awarded for every subsequent award of the NDSM. For two awards of the National Defense Service Medal a bronze star is awarded, for three awards, two bronze stars, for four awards, three bronze stars are awarded.

What does Bronze Star on Vietnam Service Medal mean?

Service star (campaign star): for participation in or support of operations in the seventeen designated campaigns of the Vietnam War, a 3⁄16 inch bronze service star is authorized for wear on the Vietnam Service Medal suspension and service ribbon for each of the campaigns from 15 March 1962 to 28 January 1973; a 3⁄16 …