What is the other word for start?

What is the other word for start?

Some common synonyms of start are begin, commence, inaugurate, initiate, and usher in. While all these words mean “to take the first step in a course, process, or operation,” start, opposed to stop, applies especially to first actions, steps, or stages.

What’s another way to say I started?

What is another word for start?

begin commence
set about embark on
launch initiate
open undertake
embark upon enter upon

What is it called when you start something new?

n. 5 beginning, birth, commencement, dawn, first step(s), foundation, inauguration, inception, initiation, kickoff (informal) onset, opening, opening move, outset.

What is the start of something?

The beginning is the first part or section of something, or the place where it starts.

How do you say first time differently?

“It was a first-time event for me, and the tenacity that was needed took all I had to concentrate and reach the end.”…What is another word for first-time?

unprecedented unparalleled
noteworthy unimaginable
weird distinctive
notable especial
different astonishing

How do I find something new?

TRY! 35 Ideas For Doing Something New & Different In Your Life

  1. Take a class on a subject unrelated to your career, community, or family—something you’ve always been interested in, but never made the time to pursue.
  2. Go to a new restaurant, preferably an ethnic restaurant and try something different on the menu.
  3. Take a yoga class, if you’ve never done.
  4. Meditate.
  5. Get a massage.

How do you say your first try?

Synonyms for First attempt

  1. first try.
  2. first effort.
  3. first test.
  4. initial attempt.
  5. first down.
  6. first trial.
  7. first crack.
  8. first shot.

Is starting or has started?

“Has started” is an active voice, present tense, perfect aspect construction. The simple present-tense form is “starts”. It is an active voice, present tense, indefinite aspect construction. Like the present perfect, it would use the intransitive sense of “to start” in this context.

Is to start meaning?

Verb. begin, commence, start, initiate, inaugurate, usher in mean to take the first step in a course, process, or operation. begin, start, and commence are often interchangeable.

Is it started or started?

If you go to the cinema and the film starts in the moment you sit down, you use “started”; if you go to the cinema and the film has already started, you have got to use “had started” because it’s an action happened before you sat down.

Is headstart one or two words?

For hyphenation or open/closed compound questions, pick a single dictionary and use what it says. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/headstart — I entered it as “headstart” and it gave me back “head start.” Since m-w.com is my dictionary of choice, I would therefore use “head start.”

Is Head Start an idiom?

an advantage that someone has over other people in something such as a competition or race: You’ve got a head start over/on others trying to get the job because you have relevant work experience.

Is Head Start and Pre K the same?

While Head Start supports child cognitive, emotional, and physical development for very low income children, pre-k programs focus solely on academic activities to prepare children for school entry, and also may be offered to any child who is age-eligible regardless of income or need.