What is the purpose of DEA Form 106?

What is the purpose of DEA Form 106?

Privacy Act Information for DEA Form 106:

AUTHORITY: Section 301 of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 (PL-513).
PURPOSE: Report theft or loss of Controlled Substances.

How are controlled substances stored and accounted for?

In the event controlled substances in the possession or under the control of the registrant are stored at a location for which he/she is not registered, the substances shall be included in the inventory of the registered location to which they are subject to control or to which the person possessing the substance is …

How does the DEA regulate controlled substances?

The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) places all substances which were in some manner regulated under existing federal law into one of five schedules. This placement is based upon the substance’s medical use, potential for abuse, and safety or dependence liability.

Where are controlled substances stored in a pharmacy?

locked cabinet

How often are you required to take an inventory of controlled substances?

every two years

How often should the inventory of Schedule II controlled substances be verified?

every three months

What does it mean to dispense a drug?

“Dispense” means preparing and packaging a prescription drug or device in a container and labeling the container with information required by state and federal law. Filling or refilling drug containers with prescription drugs for subsequent use by a patient is “dispensing”.

Which DEA form is used to report the theft or loss of controlled substances?

DEA Form 106

Where do I send my DEA Form 106?

By mail to: 2720 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95833.

How long should a defective DEA Form 222 be kept on record?

two years

How do I fill out Form 222?

To complete a Form 222:

  1. Complete the name and address information at the top using the DEA certificate address.
  2. Enter name, size, and quantity of controlled substance(s).
  3. Enter last line completed.
  4. DEA Registrant sign and date at the bottom.

Can an altered DEA 222 form be submitted to a supplier?

1305.05. (d) DEA Forms 222 will be serially numbered and issued with the name, address, and registration number of the registrant, the authorized activity, and schedules of the registrant. This information cannot be altered or changed by the registrant.

How long should you keep completed controlled drugs register books?

Controlled drugs registers must be kept for 2 years from the date of the last entry, in line with Regulation 23 of the 2001 Regulations.