What is the racial makeup of Mobile Alabama?

What is the racial makeup of Mobile Alabama?

According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Mobile was: Black or African American: 51.48% White: 43.53% Two or more races: 2.14%

How much do you need to live comfortably in Alabama?

Alabama comes in on the low end of the scale. You’ll need $39,920 a year, or $3,326 a month, to afford the median rent in Alabama ($998) and adhere to the 30 percent threshold guide. That’s the 48th lowest salary needed in the U.S., behind only Arkansas ($38,120), Oklahoma ($38,000) and West Virginia ($35,520.)

Is Mobile Bay fresh water?

Mobile Bay estuary is a coastal environment where saltwater and freshwater mix. Freshwater inflow primarily from rivers creates an ecological imbalance that affects plant and animal habitats by increasing and decreasing salinity levels within the bay.

What is the deepest part of Mobile Bay?

23 m

Does salt water enter Mobile Bay?

Yes. Mobile Bay is an estuary. Mobile Bay is a semi-enclosed body of water that has salt water entering it from the Gulf of Mexico and fresh water entering from rivers.

How many gallons of water enters Mobile Bay every day?

The expansive Mobile-Tensaw Delta begins where the Mobile River splits into a braided network of several distributary systems. The Mobile, Middle, Tensaw, Apalachee, and Blakeley rivers contribute an average of 41 billion gallons per day of fresh water to Mobile Bay.

How far across is Mobile Bay?

Mobile Bay’s average depth is only about 10 feet, which is among the shallowest for a bay of its size. It is approximately 32 miles long from the Mobile-Tensaw Delta to its mouth, 23 miles across at its widest point, and about 10 miles across at the City of Mobile.

Is Mobile Bay freshwater or saltwater?

Mobile Bay’s salinity is driven predominantly by freshwater inflow from the large Mobile Bay watershed. A combination of winds and tidal regimes delivers salty Gulf waters into the Bay from the south. As a result, salinity in Mobile Bay is highly dynamic.

Where is Mobile Bay Alabama located?

The Mobile Bay lies in southwest Alabama, near the western border with Mississippi and the eastern border with Florida. Dauphin Island in the west and Fort Morgan Peninsula in the east form the bay’s mouth. Mobile City is on the western shores, near the head of the bay.

What type of estuary is Mobile Bay?

central estuary

How deep is the Mobile Bay tunnel?

40 feet

What created Mobile Bay?

Mobile Bay and estuaries along the Gulf of Mexico margin typically originate as incised fluvial valleys that formed during the most recent drop in sea level, and were then drowned by the subsequent postglacial sea-level rise. Most of these estuaries have been filling with sediment from fluvial and marine sources.

Why is the Mobile Delta so crucial to Mobile Bay?

Fed by the nutrient-rich rivers of the Mobile Basin, the Mobile-Tensaw Delta is the engine that fires the coastal ecosystem of the northern Gulf of Mexico. The Delta absorbs all the energy flowing into it and gives it back at just the right moment with the spring floods.

Is there a delta in Alabama?

The delta is Alabama’s principal remaining natural terrain and has been designated a National Natural Landmark. The Mobile-Tensaw delta includes sections of Baldwin, Clarke, Mobile, Monroe, and Washington Counties in southwestern Alabama.

What sediment is deposited in the Mobile Tensaw Delta?

Clastic sediment

What is the largest watershed in the US?

Mississippi River Watershed

What are 2 examples of watersheds?

A watershed describes an area of land that contains a common set of streams and rivers that all drain into a single larger body of water, such as a larger river, a lake or an ocean. For example, the Mississippi River watershed is an enormous watershed.

What are the 5 major watersheds in the US?

The basins are the Atlantic Seaboard basin, the Gulf of Mexico basin, the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence basin, the Pacific basin, the Arctic basin, the Hudson Bay basin, and the Great Basin.

Why is it called a watershed?

Watershed is a geographical term, originally. The area that drains into a single river is the watershed for that river. It’s from this meaning that watershed came to mean a turning point or dividing line in social life.

What is watershed in simple words?

watershed noun (AREA) [ C ] earth science. a high area of land where rain collects, some of it flowing down to supply rivers, lakes, etc., at lower levels.

What is a watershed year?

watershed noun (BIG CHANGE) an event or period that is important because it represents a big change in how people do or think about something: The year 1969 was a watershed in her life – she changed her career and remarried.

What is another name for a watershed?

What is another word for watershed?

catchment basin catchment area
drainage basin drainage area

What is the difference between watershed and basin?

Both river basins and watersheds are areas of land that drain to a particular water body, such as a lake, stream, river or estuary. In a river basin, all the water drains to a large river. The term watershed is used to describe a smaller area of land that drains to a smaller stream, lake or wetland.

What is the opposite of a watershed?

Noun. Opposite of a crucial or decisive point or situation. certainty. clarity.

What is the largest drainage basin on earth?

Amazon Basin

What are the 5 major drainage areas?

Drainage basins are defined by topographical features, called drainage divides, which determine the direction the water flows. Canada has six major drainage basins: the Arctic, Pacific, Western Hudson Bay and Mississippi, South and East Hudson Bay, Great Lakes–St Lawrence and Atlantic.