What is the symbolism of the snake being cut up?

What is the symbolism of the snake being cut up?

The symbolism of a snake may have represented regeneration or renewal, since snakes shed their skins, or, may have drawn upon a legend of the time, which suggested that a snake that was cut into pieces could come back to life if its parts were assembled before sunset.

What is the main point of Benjamin Franklin’s speech in the convention?

The purpose of Ben Franklin’s speech at the Constitutional Convention was to explain that he did not support the Constitution in its current state, but he was willing to wait and help better the document until he fully supported it.

Does Benjamin Franklin appeal to the emotional side of colonists?

Benjamin Franklin was widely known for his writing styles and philosophical ideas. Hence, the correct answer is YES, Benjamin Franklin appeal to the emotional side of colonists “through his speeches and Join, Or Die cartoons.”

What does each segment of the snake represent quizlet?

Terms in this set (7) Each segment stands for one of the British Colonies, Like New England, New York, New Jersey ect. I think Ben Franklin made New England the head of the snake because New England is the Northern State, and they are known for being leaders.

What does the order of the snake segments illustrate?

The segments clearly represent the colonies, with each segment symbolizing a particular colony or region. The segments appear in the relative order as they would appear on a map, with the right side of the cartoon being north. The division of these segments clearly shows the colonies were divided over the war.

Why did the stamp act angered the colonists?

The Stamp Act. The American colonies were upset with the British because they put a tax on stamps in the colonies so the British can get out of debt from the French and Indian War and still provide the army with weapons and tools. They wanted them to take back the law to pay taxes on stamps.