What jobs did men have in Athens?

What jobs did men have in Athens?

Jobs in Ancient Greece There were many jobs for men in Ancient Greece including farmer, fisherman, soldier, teacher, government worker, and craftsman. The women, however, were generally homemakers and would raise the children and cook the meals.

What predominant jobs supported Greek society?

  • 1 Money Changer. Men held the job of money changer in Ancient Greece.
  • 2 Bard. A bard’s job would be considered a nonpaid hobby in modern times.
  • 3 Musician. Musicians were male or female just like modern times.
  • 4 Druggist. Druggists in Ancient Greece were females.
  • 5 Baker.

What is the lifespan of a Spartan?

A Spartan 4 will hit at least 100 years active front line duty. Thats over 3 times longer. So if the pre military life being 18 years and the 120 year life expectancy hold true, being another 50 years on top of the fighting years, then a Spartan 4s average life expectancy should be nearly 170 years old.

Are Spartans immune to the flood?

Yes, they are human afterall, and the Flood can easily break through a Spartans Visor or Armour and infect them. Allthough in irony, Johnson, which has no armour, is inmune to the Flood infection.

Why is Sergeant Johnson immune to the flood?

There is no logical reason for Johnson to be immune because of plasma radiation and the same not being said for the Covenant. Forerunners were surrounded by radiation not to mention heavily augmented their bodies and yet infection continues.

Is the arbiter immune to the flood?

The Arbiter wasn’t infected for the same reason Master Chief wasn’t. The Gravemind had tasks for them to do which they couldn’t accomplish as combat forms. Due to augmentation procedures, Avery Johnson gained an immunity to the parasitic Flood organism.

Why didn’t the gravemind infect the arbiter?

It could be it takes a lot of airborne spores to actually get a foothold in a creature. Alternatively, we know the Flood, especially in the Gravemind stage, can choose not to infect beings. Since the Gravemind was specifically recruiting the Arbiter to find the Index, absorbing him would’ve been counterproductive.

Can jackals get infected by the flood?

Hunters cannot be infected because they lack a central nervous system. Also, jackals and grunts do not have enough biomass to be converted into combat forms. They are either broken down and turned into infection forms, or combined into a carrier form.

Can grunts become flood?

Grunts and Jackals can definitely be turned into Flood, it’s just that Bungie maybe didn’t have the resources to do it.