What political party is Iván Duque Márquez?

What political party is Iván Duque Márquez?

Democratic Center

Is Alvaro Uribe conservative or liberal?

Álvaro Uribe
Personal details
Born Álvaro Uribe Vélez 4 July 1952 Medellín, Colombia
Political party Liberal (1977–2001) Colombia First (2001–2010) Social Party of National Unity (2010–2013) Democratic Center (2013–present)
Spouse(s) Lina María Moreno Mejía (m. 1979)

What is Colombia’s form of government?


Who was president after Gaviria?

César Gaviria
President Virgilio Barco Vargas
Preceded by Fernando Cepeda Ulloa
Succeeded by Raúl Orejuela Bueno
57th Minister of Finance and Public Credit of Colombia

Who killed President Galan?

On 25 November 2010 Colombian prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for the ex-director of the Colombian security agency (DAS), Retired Gen. Miguel Maza Márquez, for involvement in Galán’s murder.

How long was Gaviria president of Columbia?

August 7, 1990 – Au

Who succeeded Galan in Colombia?

Jorge Eliécer Gaitán
Succeeded by Gonzalo Restrepo Jaramillo
Member of the House of Representatives of Colombia for Cundinamarca
In office 1 March 1929 – 1 February 1931
Personal details

Did Escobar kill Gaviria?

YouTubeAccording to police, Pablo Escobar’s cousin Gustavo Gaviria was killed in a shoot-out. But Escobar believed that he was kidnapped and tortured before being executed.

Are Pablo Escobar and Cesar Gaviria related?

Gustavo de Jesús Gaviria Rivero (25 December 1946 – 11 August 1990) was a Colombian drug trafficker. As Pablo Escobar’s cousin and right-hand man, Gaviria controlled the Medellín cartel’s finances and trade routes.

What happened to Escobar’s cousin?

Gustavo de Jesus Gaviria, the cousin of the cartel’s leader, Pablo Escobar, was killed in a battle with a police unit that was raiding one of the organization’s luxury apartments in the Alaneda neighborhood in southern Medellin, according to a police statement.

What does Gaviria mean?

Basque: Castilianized form of Gabiria, a habitational name from Gabiria in Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, so named from Basque gabi ‘smith’s hammer’ + -iri ‘near’.

What happened to Pablo’s money?

2. What happened to the money after Pablo Escobar’s death? It would probably not surprise you when we tell you that a large portion of Don Pablo’s money went to the Colombian government. With the help of the members from Pablo’s own Medellin Cartel, they were able to recover a big portion of money from this category.