What research methods are used in educational psychology?

What research methods are used in educational psychology?

Define the four basic methods used to collect data in educational psychology (systematic observation, participant observation, paper/pencil, and clinical), giving an example of how each has been used in the study of important variables in educational psychology.

What are the 6 characteristics of quantitative research?

What are the Characteristics of Quantitative Research?Large Sample Size.Structured Research Methods.Highly Reliable Outcome.Reusable Outcome.Close-ended questions.Numerical Outcome.Generalization of Outcome.Prior study.

Why is quantitative research important in education?

The importance of quantitative research is critical in the area of assessment of students and lessons, appraisal of my output over a period of time, the overall performance of school performance in the area of academic and non academic or non curriculum activities such as sports and other social activities.