What shade of green is the Statue of Liberty?

What shade of green is the Statue of Liberty?


Is Acropolis one of the 7 Wonders of the World?

New 7 Wonders Finalist Acropolis means high city in Greek. There are many acropoleis in Greece, but the Athens Acropolis, or Citadel of Athens, is the most famous. The Acropolis in Athens was built on top of what is known as the Sacred Rock, and it was supposed to radiate power and protection for its citizens.

What is the tallest moai called?


What is the most famous moai?

When dawn breaks on Easter Island, it is the moai that first feel the sun. These 15 moai at a site called Tongariki are perhaps the most famous. Carved out of volcanic rock, they’re placed on a stone platform called an ahu. The tallest is nearly 30 feet.

Do the giant heads have bodies?

What you may not have known is that those Easter Island heads actually have hidden buried bodies. The Moai monoliths, carved from stone found on the island, are between 1,100 and 1,500 CE.

Who lives on Rapa Nui?

The 2017 Chilean census registered 7,750 people on the island, of whom 3,512 (45%) considered themselves Rapa Nui. Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world….Easter Island.

Easter Island Rapa Nui Isla de Pascua
Country Chile
Region Valparaíso
Province Isla de Pascua
Commune Isla de Pascua

Are there any Easter Islanders left?

The Rapa Nui are the indigenous Polynesian people of Easter Island. At the 2017 census there were 7,750 island inhabitants—almost all living in the village of Hanga Roa on the sheltered west coast.

Who owns the Easter Islands?


Why did the Rapa Nui build the moai?

Moai statues were built to honor chieftain or other important people who had passed away. They were placed on rectangular stone platforms called ahu, which are tombs for the people that the statues represented.

What does moai stand for?


Acronym Definition
MOAI Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation
MOAI Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor
MOAI Mortgages Online At Interfirst (Interfirst Bank)

Do the Easter Island heads really have bodies?

Though moʻai are whole-body statues, they are often referred to as “Easter Island heads” in some popular literature. All but 53 of the more than 900 moʻai known to date were carved from tuff (a compressed volcanic ash) from Rano Raraku, where 394 moʻai in varying states of completion are still visible today.

How did the Rapa Nui die?

By eating the nuts, the sizeable rat population could have prevented reseeding of the bountiful but slow-growing palms across the island, causing them to die out. But the most likely cause of the downfall of Rapanui society is disease brought about by slavery.

Did everyone die Easter Island?

A series of devastating events killed almost the entire population of Easter Island in the 1860s. Such devastating events that contributed to the downfall and collapse of the Easter Island society can be attributed to the rapid deforestation during the time of moai-construction.

Who killed the Rapa Nui?

Although it’s well known that attacks by Peruvian slave raiders and outbreaks of disease killed most of the remaining Rapa Nui’s in the 1800s, it’s still heavily debated what caused the initial population decline back in the 1700s.

Why does Easter Island have no trees?

When it rains on the island, also known as Rapa Nui, the water rapidly drains through the porous volcanic soil, leaving the grass dry again. That’s one reason why the island at the end of the world has stayed almost entirely bare, with no trees or shrubs.

Did Easter Island ever have trees?

First version: Easter Island is a small 63-square-mile patch of land — more than a thousand miles from the next inhabited spot in the Pacific Ocean. Pretty soon the island had too many people, too few trees, and then, in only a few generations, no trees at all.

Why are the moai statues a mystery?

Archaeologists suggest that the statues were a representation of the Polynesian people’s ancestors. The Moai statues face away from the sea and towards the villages, by way of watching over the people. So here at Ahu Tongariki these Moai look over a flat village site.

What is the truth about Easter Island?

Surprisingly few of the human remains from the island show actual evidence of injury, just 2.5%, and most of those showed evidence of healing, meaning that attacks were not fatal. Crucially, there is no evidence, beyond historical word-of-mouth, of cannibalism.

Did Easter Islanders commit ecocide?

Recent archaeological evidence shows the remote islanders didn’t commit ‘ecocide’ after all.

What are Easter Islands Statues called?

moai of Rapa Nui

Can you go to Easter Island?

Though flying to Rapa Nui isn’t hard, per se, it is a long journey. From Santiago to Hanga Roa—the capital of Easter Island—the flight is five and a half hours, and there are about a dozen flights each week. American passport holders don’t need a visa as long as they plan to stay for less than 90 days.

Is Easter Island a good place to vacation?

Easter Island checks off all the potential boxes that might appear on your list of vacation desires: there’s a variety of outdoor activities, a rich local culture, and good food; the language barrier is totally manageable; and it’s also extremely safe.

Is Easter Island Expensive?

Food and dining costs on Easter Island Easter Island is an expensive destination in some respects. Beyond the costs of flying there, food prices are at a premium.

Is Easter Island worth going to?

If you are looking for the traditional “caribbean” destination, with palm trees and beaches, something like this: The no, Easter Island is not th eplace to go. HOWEVER, if you are looking for an exotic destination like nowhere on earth, then visiting Easter Island is definitely worth it.