What type of document is the Treaty of Versailles?

What type of document is the Treaty of Versailles?

The Versailles treaty deprived Germany of around 13.5% of its 1914 territory (some seven million people) and all of its overseas possessions….Primary Documents – Treaty of Versailles, 28 June 1919.

Description Articles
Prisoners of War and Graves Articles 214-226
Penalties Articles 227-230

Was the Treaty of Versailles a dictated peace?

The treaty was signed after the surrender of Germany when the Great War came to an end. Although,Wilson’s 14 point formula talked about generous treatment, but the Treaty of Versailles is termed to be a document of dictated peace and was called an armistice for 20 years by a French diplomat present in the negotiations.

Who were the three major nations that were involved in the Treaty of Versailles?

The countries were split into three parties, which were led by the Principal Allied and Associated Powers of Britain, France, Italy, Japan and the United States….Signatories per country of the Treaty of Versailles, June 28, 1919.

Characteristic Number of signatories
United Kingdom 5
France 5

How did ww2 end and what were the terms of the settlement?

World War 2 ended with the unconditional surrender of the Axis powers. On 8 May 1945, the Allies accepted Germany’s surrender, about a week after Adolf Hitler had committed suicide. VE Day – Victory in Europe celebrates the end of the Second World War on 8 May 1945.

What were the terms of the Paris Peace Treaty 1947?

… new peace treaty, signed in Paris on February 10, 1947, which restored the Trianon frontiers, with a rectification in favour of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union. It imposed on Hungary a reparations bill of \$300 million and limited its armed forces.