What was the role of Spartan males?

What was the role of Spartan males?

Spartan men devoted their lives to military service, and lived communally well into adulthood. A Spartan was taught that loyalty to the state came before everything else, including one’s family.

What was it like being a boy in Sparta?

Spartan boys left their families at 7 to be trained to become part of the full-time professional army. Had very strict education and training. Boys were not well fed and punished if caught stealing food. Boys were encouraged to fight each other but not in anger.

How heavy is a sword?

The weight of an average sword of 70-centimeter (28-inch) blade-length would be in a range of approximately 700 to 900 grams (11⁄2 to 2 pounds). There are also larger two-handed versions used by ancient and medieval armies and for training by many styles of Chinese martial arts.

How much did a Greek shield weigh?

Hoplites carried a large concave shield called an aspis (often referred to as a hoplon), measuring between 80–100 centimetres (31–39 in) in diameter and weighing between 6.5–8 kilograms (14–18 lbs). This large shield was made possible partly by its shape, which allowed it to be supported on the shoulder.

What is a kopis blade?

The kopis sword was a one-handed weapon. The kopis had a single-edged blade that pitched forward towards the point, the edge being concave on the part of the sword nearest the hilt, but swelling to convexity towards the tip.

Did Spartans use a kopis?

The Kopis was an alternative sword used sometimes by the Spartans. The Spartans would wield the Kopis one handed, and even though it was widely considered to be a suitable blade for use when on horseback.

What replaced the Gladius?


What were ancient Greek swords made of?

So the weapons of ancient Greece were made of iron and copper.

What is a Greek Spear called?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The dory or doru (/ˈdɒruː/; Greek: δόρυ) is a spear that was the chief spear of hoplites (heavy infantry) in Ancient Greece. The word “dory” was first attested by Homer with the meanings of “wood” and “spear”.

What is the ancient Greek word for sword?


What weapons were used in the Trojan War?

For weapons, the combatants used spears, swords, arrows, and stones, protecting themselves with helmets and shields made of leather, wood, and bronze. In a typical clash, the chiefs rode chariots pulled by two horses, while their men ran close to them.

Who Won the Trojan War?


How long did the Trojan war last?

10 years

Who took the sword of Troy?

Aeneas Priam’s

What happened to Helen of Troy?

According to a variant of the story, Helen, in widowhood, was driven out by her stepsons and fled to Rhodes, where she was hanged by the Rhodian queen Polyxo in revenge for the death of her husband, Tlepolemus, in the Trojan War.

Was Rome really founded by Trojans?

The Trojans won the right to stay and to assimilate with the local peoples. The young son of Aeneas, Ascanius, also known as Iulus, went on to found Alba Longa and the line of Alban kings who filled the chronological gap between the Trojan saga and the traditional founding of Rome in the 8th century BC.

What ethnicity were Trojans?

Are Romulus and Remus real?

Actually, the Romulus and Remus myth originated sometime in the fourth century B.C., and the exact date of Rome’s founding was set by the Roman scholar Marcus Terentius Varro in the first century B.C. According to the legend, Romulus and Remus were the sons of Rhea Silvia, the daughter of King Numitor of Alba Longa.

Who destroyed the Roman Empire?

In 476, the Germanic barbarian king Odoacer deposed the last emperor of the Western Roman Empire in Italy, Romulus Augustulus, and the Senate sent the imperial insignia to the Eastern Roman Emperor Flavius Zeno.