What was the Senate majority in 1998?

What was the Senate majority in 1998?

1998 United States Senate elections

Leader Trent Lott Tom Daschle
Party Republican Democratic
Leader since June 12, 1996 January 3, 1995
Leader’s seat Mississippi South Dakota
Seats before 55 45

Did President Bartlet win the popular vote?

He defeats the Republican nominee for president, winning a close election with just 48 percent of the vote, 48 million popular votes and a 303–235 margin in the Electoral College.

Who got Debbie pregnant in Shameless?

12 SHE TRICKED DEREK INTO GETTING HER PREGNANT Debbie and Derek Delgado actually had a great relationship until Debbie screwed everything up by trying to trick her new boyfriend into getting her pregnant.

How old was Debbie in shameless when she gets pregnant?

Toward the end of a recent episode of Showtime’s Shameless, the ongoing saga of the perpetually down-and-out Gallagher family, Debbie Gallagher, 15, gave birth on the kitchen table of their family home.

Why is Debbie so annoying in Shameless?

she is described as extremely mature for her age, and because of that, she has trouble socializing with other kids in her age group. Why is she so annoying? Because she is a liar! Debbie doesn’t have the same empathy as her oldest sister.

Does Debbie go to jail in Shameless?

Shameless Season 11: So, what happened to Debbie? In Season 11, Episode 1 things fast forward a bit. Debbie eventually got caught by the police, went to jail, and ended up on probation.

Who is Debbie’s baby daddy?

Derek Delgado

Does Debbie get Derek’s money?

At the beginning of the episode, it appears that Debbie has taken the deal which would give her access to Franny’s portion of Derek’s benefits in exchange for Pepa to gain custody of the little girl. Debbie’s clearly not thrilled with the arrangement which we later learn isn’t a full custody deal, but rather partial.

Who does Debbie Gallagher lose her virginity to?

Matty drunk

Does Carl have a kid in Shameless?

Carl’s unnamed kids are the children of Carl Gallagher and Ingrid Jones. They were introduced in Season 10.

Who is Debbie’s new girlfriend on Shameless?

Sandy Milkovich