When Romeo first sees Juliet What does he say?

When Romeo first sees Juliet What does he say?

It shows us that Juliet cares about what her mother thinks and is loyal to her. When Romeo first sees Juliet what words does he use to describe her? He uses words such as “fair one” and bright words. (He always compares her to the sun.

What does Aurora mean in Romeo and Juliet?

dawn or daybreak

Why is Romeo depressed?

Romeo is depressed at the beginning of the play because his love, Rosaline, doesn’t love him back. The Montague boys decide to crash the Capulet’s masquerade because Rosaline will be there and Romeo wants to win her love.

Is Rosaline a Capulet or Montague?

She is the niece of Lord Capulet. Although an unseen character, her role is important: Romeo’s unrequited love for Rosaline leads him to try to catch a glimpse of her at a gathering hosted by the Capulet family, during which he first spots Juliet….

Created by William Shakespeare

What house is Rosaline in?

the Capulet family

Did Rosaline break up with Romeo?

Romeo has loved Roseline, and she has broken up with him. Romeo is depressed at the beginning of the play because his love for Rosaline is not returned. Rosaline has sworn off all men. Of course, as you read, you realize that this is not real love because the moment he sees Juliet he forgets all about Rosaline.

How does Romeo talk to Rosaline?

According to Romeo, Rosaline is beautiful and completely unavailable—Romeo tells us she’s sworn off boys by taking a vow of chastity (1.1). In this way, she resembles the unattainable “Laura,” a figure in Petrarch’s popular 14th-century love poetry who never gives the poet (Petrarch) the time of day.

Why did Romeo leave Rosaline?

Romeo is an impulsive adolescent who is in love with the idea of being in love. As the play opens, he pines away because Rosaline will not return his love. His father is so worried about him being up at night and asleep by day that he comes to Benvolio to find out what is going on.

Who is Romeo Miller new girlfriend?

Drew Sangster

Why does Romeo not want to look at other woman?

He is heart broken and the girl he likes doesn’t want to get married or be in a relationship (Rosaline). According to Romeo why does the young women refuse to love? Looking at other women will remind his of Rosaline.

What lines indicate that Romeo was not really in love with Rosaline?

What line indicates that Romeo is not really in love with Rosaline? “To strike him dead I hold it not a sin.”

What does the nurse say she’d swear on if she had that many?

Yes ,madam. But I can’t help laughing to think that the baby stopped crying and said, “Yes.” I swear, she had a bump on her forehead as big as a rooster’s testicle. It was a painful bruise, and she was crying bitterly.

What did Juliet think of Paris?

Juliet admits just how powerful the influence of her parents is when she says of Paris: “I’ll look to like, looking liking move; / But no more deep will I endart mine eye / Than your consent gives strength to make it fly” (1.3. 100–101).

What is the nurse’s opinion of Romeo?

what is the nurse’s opinion of romeo? he’s handsome, ” You don’t know how to pick a man. Romeo? No, not him, though his face is more handsome than any man’s, and his legs are prettier, and as for his hands and feet and body, they’re not much to speak of, and yet they’re beyond compare.

Is three long hours yet she is not come?

And therefore hath the wind-swift Cupid wings. Is three long hours, yet she is not come. Had she affections and warm youthful blood, She would be as swift in motion as a ball.

Why won’t the nurse tell Juliet what she wants to know?

Why doesn’t the Nurse tell Juliet right away what Romeo said. She has to prepare herself to deliver bad news. She thinks that Juliet needs to learn patience. She doesn’t want Juliet to marry Romeo.

How are thou out of breath when thou hast breath to say to me that thou art out of breath?

“JULIET: How art thou out of breath, when thou. hast breath. To say to me that thou art out of breath? The excuse that thou dost make in this delay.

What does the clock struck nine when I did send the nurse?

‘The Clock Struck Nine When I Did Send The Nurse’ Soliloquy Translation. Her Nurse had been gone three hours! She had promised to return in half an hour. If her Nurse had any feelings – any passion whatsoever – her message would travel as fast as a tennis ball.

How does Romeo intend to get into Juliet’s room on their wedding night?

He asks the Nurse to tell Juliet to find some way to attend confession at Friar Lawrence’s cell that afternoon; there they will be married. The Nurse also agrees to set up a cloth ladder so that Romeo might ascend to Juliet’s room on their wedding night.