When was the policy of containment used?

When was the policy of containment used?


What impact did the aid program of the Marshall Plan have on Europe quizlet?

It supplied $13 billion to 16 European states between 1948 & 1952. Stalin was fearful that this would lead to many countries becoming dependant upon the US and would thus increase their political and economic influence.

Which of the following was a reason that led to the collapse of the gold standard in 1939?

Which of the following was a reason that led to the collapse of the gold standard in 1939? Under the fixed exchange rate system, the dollar could be devalued only if all countries agreed to simultaneously revalue against the dollar. All International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan packages come with conditions attached.

What are three different exchange rate policies in effect today around the world?

What are three different exchange rate policies in effect today around the world? fixed rate. borrowing private money. impose monetary discipline and lead to low inflation.

What is the exchange rate policy?

Exchange rate policy involves choosing an exchange rate system and determining the particular rate at which foreign exchange transactions will take place. A country’s economic structure and its institutional characteristics are important considerations in determining exchange rate policy.

How many types of exchange rate policies are there?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of a fixed exchange rate?

Fixed Exchange Rate System: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • (i) Elimination of Uncertainty and Risk:
  • (ii) Speculation Deterred:
  • (iii) Prevention of Depreciation of Currency:
  • (iv) Adoption of Responsible Macroeconomic Policies:
  • (v) Attraction of Foreign Investment:
  • (vi) Anti-inflationary:
  • (i) Speculation Encouraged:
  • (ii) Adequacy of Foreign Exchange Reserves:

Is fixed exchange rate good?

Understanding a Fixed Exchange Rate Fixed rates provide greater certainty for exporters and importers. Fixed rates also help the government maintain low inflation, which, in the long run, keep interest rates down and stimulates trade and investment.

Why is fixed exchange rate bad?

The downside, of course, is that countries with fixed exchange rates forfeit control of their monetary policy. That makes them more susceptible to financial shocks elsewhere in the world and can lead to more frequent and aggressive attacks by speculators.


How did the US try to contain communism in Latin America quizlet?

Cold War tensions led the US to resume its role in order to contain communism in Latin American Nations. The US did this through aid programs called the Alliance for Progress, Peace Corps, and the Organization of American States. The US set up NASA to direct a US space program to compete with the Soviets.

Why do you think the US wanted to contain communism quizlet?

What do you think the US wanted to contain communism? the differing economic systems and how the US and Soviet Union were the only 2 superpowers and fighting for allies on their side. Americans might view the Soviet Union as evil or that it feeds on the weak European nations for its own benefit.

Why did Germany attack the Soviet Union?

Hitler had always wanted to see Germany expand eastwards to gain Lebensraum or ‘living space’ for its people. After the fall of France Hitler ordered plans to be drawn up for an invasion of the Soviet Union. He intended to destroy what he saw as Stalin’s ‘Jewish Bolshevist’ regime and establish Nazi hegemony.

What was the policy of containment?

Containment was a United States policy using numerous strategies to prevent the spread of communism abroad. A component of the Cold War, this policy was a response to a series of moves by the Soviet Union to enlarge its communist sphere of influence in Eastern Europe, China, Korea, and Vietnam.

Was the policy of containment successful during the Cold War?

Communist-backed North Korea invaded the South, allowing the US their direct battle on communism under the containment policy. The US containment policy was shown to be effective and successful over the course of this campaign.

What was the impact of NSC 68?

May, NSC 68 “provided the blueprint for the militarization of the Cold War from 1950 to the collapse of the Soviet Union at the beginning of the 1990s.” NSC 68 and its subsequent amplifications advocated a large expansion in the military budget of the United States, the development of a hydrogen bomb, and increased …

What did the NSC do?

Since its inception under President Truman, the Council’s function has been to advise and assist the President on national security and foreign policies. The Council also serves as the President’s principal arm for coordinating these policies among various government agencies. The NSC is chaired by the President.

How does this document represent the militarization of the policy of containment?

 How does this document represent the militarization of the policy of containment? The document says that the U.S. must “make the attempt, and accept the risks inherent in it, to bring about order and justice by means consistent with the principles of freedom and democracy. …”.