Where can you complain to the FCC?

Where can you complain to the FCC?

Complaints can be filed through the FCC’s Consumer Complaint Center at https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov, which educates consumers about communications issues and guides them through the complaint process.

What constitutes a consumer complaint?

A consumer complaint or customer complaint is “an expression of dissatisfaction on a consumer’s behalf to a responsible party” (London, 1980). It can also be described in a positive sense as a report from a consumer providing documentation about a problem with a product or service.

Who is not a consumer?

1-2-1c ANY PERSON WHO OBTAINS THE GOODS FOR ‘RESALE’ OR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES’ IS NOT A CONSUMER – The term ‘for resale’ implies that the goods are brought for the purpose of selling them, and the expression ‘for commercial purpose’ is intended to cover cases other than those of resale of goods.

When can a consumer file a complaint?

A dissatisfied consumer can file a complaint directly with the national commission or appeal against decisions of the state commission within a month from the date of the order. The court fee is Rs 5,000 and the demand draft should be in the name of The Registrar, National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.

Can a company file a consumer complaint?

Company, too, can file consumer complaint.

What is procedure for filing the complaint?

Step one- Drafting the complaint: A complaint needs to be drafted precisely. It shall contain all the facts like date, amount etc. and proofs (bills, receipts, documents if any). It should contain all the details which could be required i.e., Name and complete address of the complainant and the opposite party.

How do I write a consumer complaint?

(In this paragraph complainant should describe the transaction complained of i.e. particulars and details of goods/services availed, items of goods / kind and nature of service; date of purchase of goods/availing of service’ amount paid as price/ consideration, full or in part towards the goods/service’ Photocopies of …

What are some examples of consumer complaints?

Customer Complaints

  • Long Wait on Hold.
  • Unavailable or Out of Stock Product.
  • Repeating the Customer’s Problem.
  • Uninterested Service Rep.
  • Poor Product or Service.
  • No First Call Resolution.
  • Lack of Follow Up.
  • New Product or Feature Request.

Can I complain online in consumer court?

To lodge a complaint, the consumer has to first register on the site. The online registration form has to be filled in with the name, email, address and phone number of the complainant, and an user id and password have to be created. A complaint can be filed against any registered brand or service provider.

How do I file a case against an insurance company?

The insurance company should resolve your complaint within a reasonable time. In case if it is not resolved within 15 days or if you are unhappy with their resolution you can approach the Grievance Redressal Cell of the Consumer Affairs Department of IRDAI: Call Toll Free Number 155255 (or) 1800 4254 732 or.